Sold - Please close

Selling a brand new PS3 Comic-Con Exclusive Fightstick TE for $190 shipped

YO! Did you get my pm a couple days ago?

You said in my thread that you’d PM me, but I never got anything. I figured you decided to go with the MVSC stick.

Guess my PM didn’t get through :xeye:

I’m still interested in trading my 360 TE + Ca$H for your SDCC 360 TE

Dammit. I sold it to the next guy in line. I would’ve preferred a trade too. Don’t need one for PS3 do you?

Aww schucks! I didn’t catch that PS3 in the OP, I though it was still the 360 one. Was more interested in the SDCC 360 TE, I’ve got a couple local guys that hit me up with offers for their SDCC PS3 TE, so I’ll have to pass on your PS3 version. Sorry we couldn’t have worked something out, I shoulda sent a follow up pm.

GL with the sale :smokin:

Fair enough. Thanks man.

price drop

Price drop

price drop

y u don’t ebay it? thats a great price

i have it on eBay for 210, but would rather sell it to someone here (even for less $$)

if i didn’t have a new 1 might have considered it gl idk y it didn’t sell yet


This stick looks so clean. Got a 360 one?

Nope. This is the only one I have.


and closed