Sold Please Close

This is a sad day, but I think I am going to sell this.
It is a playstation stick.
I just put a bat top on it but you will get the ball top as well.
There is no artwork right now (I didn’t take it out), but I can provide the file of the original artwork.

I wanting $150 + Shipping


Was this the stick that originally had the 60’s Captain America + others artwork on it?


original artwork looks pretty gay. glad u removed it

what system is this stick for and what japanese parts in it

Captain America gays up anything he’s in.

I’m not asking for opinions of the artwork. I DID NOT remove the original artwork… i traded for it and it was already removed. I personally like the artwork.

The stick is a Sanwa JLF and the buttons are seimetsu.


Ahaha I knew it, it was the campy Captain America stick!

Nice stick.

Glad you removed the artwork though. Captain American has the cheesiest grin ever LOL!

I hope whoever buys this puts the original artwork back on just for the lulz.

LOL, I want this stick and I work for Pro Golf here in Lexington… I’ll check and see if I have a D1 left in my stock. I have the Current D3’s if that interests you more, but wholesale on those is pretty steep. How many Pro’v1’s do ya want?

If you do end up picking this stick up for the love of God PLEASE put back the original Captain America art on it lol.

PS: Check my PM regarding the 360 stick :wink:

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Too bad I have Wilson equipment, otherwise I’d offer my entire golf set for the stick.

Check your PM!!!

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is it for dc or ps?



Dam good stick but then another $30 for converter. Someone will be happy

still for sale.

still for sale. Stevetren if you still want to trade I want to make everything happen quick. School is starting tomorrow and I’m not going to have a lot of extra time.

Just for shits though, how many V1 balls would net me the stick?

I always liked that stick. It seems to trade hands all the time.