sold please close


Puzzle bobble 3 $40 taito Jamma game

Would like to buy just the bag and keychain pm me if you’d split.

keychain and stickbag sold,poster/tshirt also sold.

That’s familiar lol. Good luck on with the sell :tup:

i got it in a trade to a guy i sold an astro city to.

Yeah Ibeatu. I trade that and some other stuff for the HSS-0130

Yes sir :slight_smile:

How much would shipping be?

Around 16$

Sold,awaiting payment

payment received

bump for new items added

Got my bag and key-chain is were do I leave feedback lol.

bump for price drops.

Panel traded.To ibeatu

super emotia sold

Hey Zen do you need a mother board for that Puzzle Bobble 3 or does that plug straight to jamma harness?

it includes the motherboard and plugs right into jamma

is the mwc bag still up for sale?