SOLD: Nubytech 15th Anniversary Stick Modded

I love this stick. But it is just too big for me to store. So I am looking to create some space.

The stick is in great condition. The only flaw is a repaired clip that hold down the cable mount in the cable compartment. Some jackass who doesn’t care about other people’s sticks carelessly ripped out the cable and broke the clip that secures the mount. I have repaired it and it should hold the new cable so as long as it is handled carefully. There are no cosmetic conditions.

The mods to the stick are:

  • Replaced stock PCB with MC Cthulhu (NO XBOX360 pad hack/imp board)
  • Replaced joystick and buttons with iL counterparts
  • Added RJ-45 switchcraft to the back for multi-console support
  • Ran a 10ft USB cable into the cable compartment for PC/PS3 use
  • Two custom artworks available. Current art is Red Riding hood one. Stock artwork gone.
  • Remove xbox memory card slot.
  • Cthulhu powered sticker on bottom

I no longer have the original box. I will ship it securely in another cardboard box. Stick is also available for pick up in Toronto. Asking $130 shipped or $100 picked up.

Here are pictures of the back, bottom and inside: