SOLD mods can close thread!


Custom Bloodwood stick, hand sanded and oil varnished.
Ps360 pcb
FGWidget Led Mod
Hollow JLF shaft w/ Led(needs to be re-soldered due to breaking off during play)
Light on activation Seimitsu pushbuttons

This stick has maybe a few hours of use since I received it.
$275 shipped within the U.S.A. Paypal or certified check only.

Street Fighter 4 TE PS3 with seimitsu pushbuttons, black mesh ball top, L1, L2 capped and I did this to it:
I also stretched out the springs a little as leaving both springs felt way too stiff, so now it’s got a nice, not so weak, but doesn’t take jaws of life strength, handling.

$100 shipped within the U.S.A. via paypal or certified check. PM me if you got questions or post on this thread.

pm sent!