SOLD - Logitech Driving Force GT PS3 wheel, GT5 Prologue bundled

**Edit - This item is now SOLD. Thanks for looking.

I’ve had this wheel for about 2 months, I’ve used it only a couple of times. It’s in like new condition. It works great, but I got a different wheel that I use with my PC, so I don’t really have any motivation to use this anymore. I don’t have photos right now, I will post them asap, though, probably tonight. Works with Windows if you can find the proper drivers. I have all the packaging. Retails for about 149.00 USD.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue -
I have two copies of this game, so I’m selling the newest one. It’s been opened and played a couple of times, but is in like-new condition.

I’m asking 80 for both of these items bundled together, but You can probably talk me down. Just PM me. I need to get rid of these things ASAP to help pay for therapy for my son.

Here is the official site for the product:,en

Does it have pedals? I could pick up the wheel possibly, as I have Prologue

yeah, floor pedals, corded, just a brake and a gas, no clutch. I’m trying to sell it as a bundle, but if there are no takers I’ll see what I can do.

final_cut has absolutely great communication with selling. Buy from him!!!

And if you dont mind me asking what happened to your son, I have a relative that has to undergo therapy as well from an accident, so I know how bad, expensive etc, it is, good luck.

Here is a photo of the wheel:

And more photos can be found here-the last items in the gallery:

Pm’ed ya back, I don’t mind hacking the pad for ya, but as you can see in my thread, I had some pains in the getting everything working again department, I am on a roll, but if you don’t mind waiting, alot… hehe, I could hack you pad, I may also do it fast, who knows, I am working on getting on the ball again. But let me know :wink:

Sold… :wink: