SOLD: HRAP2 SA (LS-32-01) + Extras!

Up for sale is a HRAP2: SA modded with an LS-32-01. Stick is in excellent condition and has only been used for about 5-6 months. The LS-32-01 that’s installed is practically new. I’m also including two Sanwa 30mm button plugs, an extra wiring harness, and a Super Joy Box 3 Pro which has also been used, but includes the original packaging and driver disc/instructions. - $150

If anyone just wants the stick without the adapter. - $140
I’m also willing to sell the Super Joy Box 3 Pro separately. - $10

Shipping prices will be determined by buyer location. PM me with your address if interested. Paypal only please! Thanks.

You wouldnt happen to have the jlf stick that came with it?

Sorry, I don’t. I sold it quite some time ago.

Aww if it had the original JLF i would of picked this stick up. Well good luck on selling it though.

it would be a lot easier if we knew where you’re located


However, it’d be easier still, if the people interested would just PM me their information…which is the way things are usually done around here.

By the way, if anyone just wants the stick (without the adapter), I’ll sell it for $150. I’m also willing to sell the adapter separately for $10.

how much is shipping to 96816

Sent PM

Price lowered. Trying to sell this rather quickly.