SOLD Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 (With Pictures)

Hello everyone, :wgrin:
I want to sell my Hori Real Arcade Pro 2, it is basically in new condition. I bought it about two years ago when I got into Street Fighter 3s,
but then stopped playing after a month or so and then bought a PS3, which made the HRAP2 useless, so I ended up buying a Hori Fighting Stick 3.
So I went through my closet and took out the HRAP2 and cleaned it and everything. I checked eBay for prices and they all look pretty expensive
(lowest is $199 highest is $299 looking at Buy It Now prices and not the ones where you bid.) So my asking price is $160 (S&H not included)
I will also throw a PS2 -> PS3 controller adapter which works with the joystick.

Sorry but the HRAP2 does not come with the original case because I had to use that for something else :bgrin:

I live in New Jersey and would be glad to ship this to anywhere in the US, but please no customers outside of the US.

Also, if you have ANY question just post in this thread obviously,
or you could also PM me or Instant Message me through one of the services I have listed in my contact info.

this thing is gonna go quick. gl on the sale.

haha wow that reply came very quick, thank you a lot with the gl wishes :).
btw once i get my TE stick we should play a few.

look forward to it :tup:

I sold a brand new one for $120 awhile back before the SFIV craze…One of my biggest regret…Its a beautiful stick!

Hahaha these compliments are not helping! They just make me want to keep the stick lol

It’s a trap! XD

lol yeah, it is a beautiful stick. Rest assured, its being well taken care of.

I don’t see where you’re getting that 199-299 price range from.

This auction right here has the HRAP2 brand new SA edition for $199 new w/free shipping.

Auction Link

He can set the price however he wants, the general rule here isn’t to crap on peoples threads with posts like this.

If you go on eBay and type in Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 you will get about 5 different people trying to sell it…
only one of them is an auction the rest are Buy It Now, the buy it now range from 199.99, 286.30, 276.30, and 299.99.
I’ll try to put a link but I don’t know if it will work

If it doesn’t work you can just do a search yourself anyway.

^I would buy the first one, since its a hrap2 sa and its brand new plus its free shipping. Good luck with your sale, not a bad price.

Where in Jersey are you?

Northern NJ, Bergen County

oh. If you were closer to PA I’d have offered to give you $170 for pickup. I don’t like having sticks shipped.

You mean you pick it up or me take it to you…maybe we could meet up halfway or something?

What’s your zip code? I’ll map quest it.

this is about right:

that’s a bit too far. I hate driving :-/

My zip code is 07452
Yeah Hackensack is like 10 minutes away from where I live.
But that’s the whole trip, that’s why i’m saying maybe we should meet up halfway or something.
But then again I don’t know how we would settle a “mid” point lol

exactly… like, exit 37 on 80? i think that’s hibernia… but whatever, i don’t even want to drive that far into jersey… it’s still 50 miles.

Thanks anyway :0

No problem :tup: