(sold) FS - Mad Catz Fight Stick with Sanwa Parts (for PS3)

Hi, I’ve had this stick for a couple of months and have hardly used it at all. I bought it and replaced the stick with a Sanwa JLF and the 6 buttons on the left with white Sanwa snap ins. The right two are the original madcatz ones. Controller works great, just like new, the only issue with it is that the rubber feet on the side facing you are off- they were kind of flimsy and wouldn’t stay on.

70 dollars shipped to USA, or best offer. Paypal, please.

It’s been sold. I got like 20 PMs about this thing… DANG

Wow you guys, someone better jump on this one quick! I’d go for it but the lady would kill me if I bought another stick :slight_smile:


I has it

I’ll take it if it’s still available

Im interested in it too…

I’ll also take it if it gets through to me. I assume the obo part is a pseudo auction though…

This stick has been sold. I will edit OP as soon as payment has gone through. Thanks for looking. It was pretty much first person to email me gets it, not like a bidding auction. Thanks for looking.

Why couldn’t you post this yesterday when I bought a non-modded one for a friend’s birthday???

well goddamm :smokin: