[SOLD] - C&L Controls Retro Joystick $45 Shipped or trade

I have a C&L Controls SNES Joystick (all HAPP parts), and am willing to either sell for $45 shipped (I’m in Canada) or trade for stick parts. In particular i would have no problem trading for a Sanwa JLF or a Cheap stick shell (i.e. Madcatz SE, Tekken 6/Hori EX2 or Paewang revolution case)

Tested on my SNES, all buttons and stick work. Post and/or PM me if interested.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


SOLD - Thread can be locked :slight_smile:

i’ll take it. convo’d =)

pm’d as well. MAY THE BEST MAN WIN!

sold (until further notice)