SOLD: Brand New PS3/Xbox Qanba Q4RAF

Brand new Q4RAF for sale. Never used and has only been opened to verify contents.
Asking $140 shipped CONUS. If you have a custom stick for trade, I’m intrested. Must be dual mod.

Dual modded HRAP EX with Hayabusa, 6 Gamerfinger black HBFS-30 Cherry Brown buttons, 2 OBSF-24, 8 OBSF-30: Sold to @Deesh‌
PS3 TE-S with LS-32 sold to @headmasterritual‌

OP updated for clarification and additional photos.

Lmk if you want to part with a Busa. I need one more right now.


Thats awesome. Wish I could afford that right now

Still available :smiley:

Offers welcome :smiley:

Bump :smiley:

Offers still welcome :D.

Run into some good good fortune the last couple days. I’m willing to let this go for a lot less now. Make me an offer :smiley:

did you mod this yourself?

is this sold?

is this sold?

Still available.

Bump :smiley:

Leaving my current place and will have less storage. Make me an offer :smiley:

HRAP EX Sold to @Deesh‌ :smiley:

Yup yup, now i get to be a scrub with a hayabusa.

Pictures added for the Qanba and TE-S.