Solar tsunami to strike earth tommorow

Solar tsunami to strike Earth | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

if anything it was nice nowing everyone and i love u all no homo lol

I’m hoping to get some superpowers from this…

If this interferes with me downloading Chaos Breaker, I swear to god I’ll cut somebody.

I was planning on trading in SSFIV tomorrow.:sad:


Although it says random satellites might go down, US communication and military satellites are designed according to different standards to withstand intentional interference on orders of a much higher magnitude thanks to Russia.

Are people able to see this from anywhere with the naked eye? Or only from observatories?

If you live up north probably, since solar winds are what are mostly responsible for the aurora.

It’s not so much the damage the solar storm inflicts, it’s the status ailments you have to worry about.

I hope I can see this without needing to visit an observatory. It’s gonna rain and be cloudy as fuck tomorrow, though. FUCK!

everyone raise your hands to the sky

lend me your energy

Yes! I can finally play Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand in this cloudy/rain ass Gulf Coast area :cool:

Buy 99x remedy or equip a ribbon, worries gone.

that’s it,
almost ready, keep it up

Hmm, I doubt most of us will see anything in the sky. Since most of us live in cities, views of the sky are absolutely garbage. In fact for those of you guys that are interested, here is how you can gauge how good the sky you’re under is good for star gazing and what not: - Saving Dark Skies - The Bortle Dark-Sky Scale

In fact, very few places on a continental land mass rate a 1. The best possible views of a sky are now often found over the Oceans.

I’m gonna walk around all day with my junk hanging out in the hope of becoming Mr. Junktastic. I have a costume already picked out.

I got Rayquaza flying down and breaking shit. Then i’ll capture him and proceed to rule the earth.

its hard not to laugh at some of the things said here :rofl:

Its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

Wearing my +2 anti-flame armor today.