SOGO Bar Fightz 3D - Hallowe'en Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4 Tournament 10/31/09

SOGO Bar Fightz 3D!!

When: Saturday October 31st 2009, 1:00PM SIGN UPS 3:00PM START SHARP!!

Where: SoGo Bar (Over 100 Flavours of Wings!!!)
4002 Sheppard Ave. East, Unit 101 (@ intersection of Kennedy And Sheppard)
Scarborough, ON


  • 401 EAST to Kennedy Rd. (Just East of DVP/404)
    -Go Left/North On Kennedy. On your right hand corner at NORTHEAST Corner of Kennedy and Sheppard. Parking Should be available all around

-85(Any) East from Don Mills Station, or 190 Express.
-43 Kennedy from Kennedy Station.

Tournament Info

Games will Start No Later 3:00PM!!!

SC4 Singles (Directed by Oofmatic)
Format Double Elimination Best of 5 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches

  • Semis/Finals Best of 5 Matches
  • Entry $5 Split 70/20/10
  • Start Time 3PM!!

T6 Singles (Directed by Dinoz/Russ?)
Format Double Elimination Best of 5 Rounds, Best of 3 Matches

  • Semis/Finals Best of 5 Matches
  • Entry $5 Split 70/20/10
  • Start Time 3PM!!

The beauty of this Venue is that they have plenty of TVs to use, plus one system already there. I still think it is in our best interest to bring at least 1-2 Setups just in case.

Hopefully there is enough Systems the day of. I?m not sure if we will need extension cables for some of the setups, but shouldn?t be a problem

SIGN UPS - Since this isn’t our usual venue, and we don’t want to over stay the welcome, we’ll have the directors arrive at about 1pm to make sure all venue stuff is taken care of. Then from 1-2:30PM we do signups and try to start both games AT THE LASTEST 3PM!! Time is Money people!!

PLAYING MATCHES ? Please go to the bracket Director (Me or Russ) and ask when your/Team match is. IF you have to leave the Venue please tell us so we are not running around for you. Also please keep all your team members together. We don?t want to stall the tourney for one Person. When Matches are being called, and we can?t find you we?ll only wait as long as the tourney permits. Once the tourney is being held up, we will be forced to DQ!!

I’ll talk more about these topics in the days to come.

PS - Cos-Playing is OKAY!!! Its Halloween after all. I Encourage it!!

Things to Note:

  • This is NOT a Street Fighter Tournament. However, I have no problem with people bringing a Setup/Game and playing it there. Like a casual/arcade station. But I am not running a 3rd tournament. There will be too many conflicts.

  • I do not own the game (Broke like T5.0 Steve). But I know at least 1-2 guys can bring a copy. Thats all we really need. 1 System and two copies of the game.

  • This will likely not be as big as normal SoGo tournaments. However I know alot of people will want to play T6. So we still may get at least 20-30 guys.

  • No DJ. No Pre-Reg. No Early Sign Ups. $5 Entry unless you spend some money (same as usual).

Hey guys I just want to have a good time. Play some games. See some old and new faces. Get a Little wasted. Enjoy Hallowe’en afterwards. T6 will be playable until we see how Broke it is, so lets enjoy it while we can.

RXS - I by no means am trying to interfere with your tourney. I actually waited to post this because I thought more people would be going to Hamilton. Either way I haven’t had an old fashioned gathering since the last Sogo, so I jus need to get some games in while I can. We talked before, so I’m sure both events will run well.

IF ANY BODY HAS ANY CONCERNS PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! This is a COMMUNITY EVENT so come together and lets have a good time. Thank You


i hate you Dinoz. also don’t double post.

LOL Dinoz is the best go to this if you can’t come to Hamilton!

Dino: I’m going to the Hamilton Tournament. Sorry. I’ll see you guys another time.


<3 neorussel

I’ll see if I can confirm whether I go or not. Also it could be a bit wiser to make Sogos another date for a bigger turnout but your call.

Well I just want to play some games. I might extend the sign up time to 2-3PM so that Sogo doesnt have to bring in Staff earlier. And I just want to play Soul Cal. Again this is not a big event, I dont plan on it being that big anyway. We’ll just see how things go.

If nothing else SC4 tourney 2-7.

When I get home I’ll try to make sure, and if you need to I’ll help run the T6 brackets.

Yeah I can go this saturday.

yea i’d rather go trick or treat in cinderella costume than to play those button mashing games.

Don’t forget to take pictures

Hey guys. Sorry but I got word yesterday I have to attend some meeting with my Boss. Sucks.

However we can still go and run games there. They are familiar with us. But I cannot make it so I will have to Cancel this Sogo. I’ll let everyone know when I can run the next one. Thanks guy.