Sodom's lack of a face

Does Sodom actually not have a face or what?

hes an ugly american, he wants to hide that fact by trying to be Japanese where almost everyone is ugly
he just has a bad case of yellow fever.

Is there any actual evidence of his having a face (ugly or not) anywhere on official capcom artwork? I’m sceptical. I think he’s a leper.

Masahiko Nakahira’s SF Zero Manga is not official but Capcom takes lots of ideas from it. In it, Chun-Li knocks his mask off and Sodom covers up his face that he doesn’t want anyone to see. So, I think he has a face otherwise he wouldn’t have one in the manga sice Masahiko Nakahira goes back and forth with Capcom while creating his mangas. Not that his mangas are official or anything, but the man did create Karin after all so his work should be taken in consideration.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, one of his US quotes not in the japanese version (in the Japanese version he just spits out more ‘american trying to sound japanese’ gibberish such as ‘SEE MAY TEA HIGH’) was "Please don’t thank me. In fact, “Don’t touch my moustache!” " whatever that means. Strange. But it’s more evidence he has a face. Even if it’s only in the US version, even the US quotes made their way into the “All About Street Fighter Zero 3” book which has all official/canon information about this game, but it’s American source is a bit suspect.

Wow, sounds like dude has issues. Seems like Chun has a knack of messing with people with facial insecurities of one kind or another (Vega “my face, my beautiful face! You bitch I’ll make you sufferrrr!” SF2 anime).

Still, if someone could find (or create?) a piece of official or unofficial artwork that actually shows this Final Fight reject’s boat-race/grill-piece, we can put the issue to rest once and for all.

Well, I edited my post above to provide some more info. But no, there is no artwork with Sodom without his mask on. Even in the SFZ manga he covers his face up well.

It’s got to be a fan-art waiting to happen. Maybe a subtle shot of Sodom with his back to us, taking his mask off in front of a mirror, and the mirror cracking, but with some kind of image visible in the glass…

Although I guess it explains his name because butt-fucking does not require you to look your partner in the face.

v-sodom is a beast…thats my 2 cents

Hahahaaha… The “Don’t touch my mustache” quote is a pun off of the japanese word douitashimashite, which you probably already know. I just found that really funny, because that’s the way that I learned it. :clap: Even though the quote doesn’t prove he has a face, I seriously doubt he doesn’t. I think his body looks like a big football player, so he probably looks like one. OMG!!! Is he actually Brian Battler is disguise!!! :looney: Nobody will ever know…

Sodom’s face from the Street Fighter Zero Manga.

Nice one! :tup: It is far from being a full mugshot but it at least verifies he has a face of some kind. heheh

What a kook that Sodom is. I hesitate to recommend mental health intervention but maybe he should think about it.

There’s official character art for Sodom that shows some face behind his mask.

Hm, I say he’s pimpin’ pretty, just with issues.