Sodium overdose

Extreme salt tonight. I faced some random on SSF4 AE PC. Initial match was a Gouken vs Gouken. I beat him, he counterpicks with Blanka (7-3 matchup, mind you, against one of the lower tiered characters), and I still beat him. He calls me a noob who can’t handle “real combat” (assuming spamming Blanka safe-ish anti-airs and his slide is real combat) due to me having allegedly run backwards a lot. Whines about how I wasn’t fighting him directly and instead opting out of his Blanka vortex, knowing full well my wake up options as Gouken. Not a single match came close to a time-out. Whines some more, etc. etc., and the rest is history. Discuss.

I opt to not discuss

What even is there to discuss?

Cool story bro.

Haha. I honestly thought this was a relatively aberrant confrontation in the fighting game community. I don’t really get this kind of hate mail at all in SSF4 AE while fighting randoms, but this is the same community that used the word salt to describe anger. Guess I wasn’t thinking this one through.

It’s online. Tons of people are free to act like assholes behind the anonymity of their screen names. The real fighting game community exists offline, where people act much more civil in comparison.

There are nice folks online, too Not enough, no. But some

Salt comes when you get randomned out on ranked and you don’t have the opportunity to run it back, most of the times when I do get a run back I end up beating them. Though sometimes they’re just more skilled than I am but they play different the second time.

Not to sound rude, but there is a sticky thread for these kind of post.

It is human nature to get upset when you lose. Salt is just part of being competitive. Everyone gets salty at one point and some people feel that they need to contact the other competitor and express their saltiness.

Also try doing that in a real arcade with your competitor standing 1 foot from you. Someone is likely to go home with a broke nose or worse. People will say anything over the internet since they don’t have to worry about the consequences.

I’ve got high blood pressure, so too much sodium is really bad for me. If I have too much sodium, it could eventually lead to a heart attack or stroke.

My Dr told me in order to stay healthy I should:
-Know your recommended limits for daily sodium intake.
-Read the nutrition label of the foods you purchase.
-Ask for foods with no or low salt at restaurants.
-Make other lifestyle changes, like getting more physical activity.
-Make sure I’m calm when I play Street Fighter online.

People that know the real combat in SF, don’t send messages.