SoCal Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: UAS Tournament @ FFA 5-1-2010, 6:00PM: 2 vs. 2 + Singles

After texting players of interest, it has been decided that I will hold the next TvC:UAS tourney this Saturday at FFA @ 6PM. I will be glad to delay matches.

I want to begin the tournament with 2 vs. 2, then afterward, go into our usual singles tourney.

The way 2 vs. 2 will work will be the same format that we used at EVO2K9 for the 2 vs. 2 there:
Example: Team A+B vs. Team C+D
-Player A vs. Player C -> Player A wins
-Player B vs. Player D -> Player B wins
-Team A+B Win!

Example: Team 1+2 vs. Team 3+4
-Player 1 vs. Player 3 -> Player 1 wins
-Player 2 vs. Player 4 -> Player 4 wins
-Player 1 vs. Player 4 -> Player 4 wins
-Team 3+4 Win!

A few other rules for 2 vs. 2:
-All characters on the two-man team must be different (Team of Ryu/Chun-Li and Ryu/Megaman Volnutt = Not allowed [notice the two Ryu]; Team of Ryu/Chun-Li and Viewtiful Joe/Megaman Volnutt = OKAY! [all characters are different])
-You must stick with your characters throughout the entire tournament
-For Final Set, Team in Winner’s bracket only needs to win one set, Team coming from Losers’s bracket needs to win 2 consecutive sets

Family Fun Arcade (a.k.a FFA)
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Times and Fees (subject to change)
-Entry Fees:
*SINGLES = $4 entry + $2 venue = $6 per person OR $5 for entry only (only in the case that venue fee is not requested)
*2 vs. 2 = $4 per player = $8 per team
-Sign-ups: anytime before 8:30PM (I will probably be at FFA at 7:00PM)
-Prize Money Distribution:

*Singles: 70%/20%/10% (if at least 10 or more entrants); 80%/20% (if < 10 entrants)
*2 vs. 2: 80%/20%
-Casuals before and after tournament

-Will be playing the US version of TvC:UAS on the Wii
-Double elimination
-Normal sets are best 2 out of 3 games, Winner’s, Loser’s, and Grand Finals are best 3 out of 5 games OR 4 out of 7
-Standard settings (start w/1 bar, 99 seconds, regular damage)
-Winner keeps characters, loser can change characters or keep current characters
-Pre-match character switching (hold down OR hold P button before battle begins) is legal and player has to stick with current character.
-All characters are legal INCLUDING PTX-40A and Gold Lightan.
-No freeze, invisibility glitches, etc. or player who initiates glitch forfeits a round.
-Stage select is legal. If the fire stage is picked both players must agree to fight on it.
-Will be played on whatever screen ratio matches the television: if we’re playing on 4:3 TV, the station must be assigned to 4:3. Likewise, if we’re playing on a widescreen TV, it must be on 16:9 aspect ratio.
-All kinds of controllers, sticks (wired, wireless, Gamecube, PS2 converted to GC, classic controllers, etc.), and button mapping are all allowed, but turbo functionality is illegal.

Post up if you plan to play in the tournament. Also post your teams for 2 vs. 2.

2 vs. 2 Teams

  1. BB Hood and La(Rence): Team MvC2
  2. RoyalFlush and SCV Micheal: Team Pad Warriors
  3. ll.nd and j4yx2: Robot Prostate Operation Team GO!
  4. jtrgmr and ?
  5. Tronzilla666 and ?

Me and Larence: Team MvC 2

Don’t partner with Carlos lol. Or I might as well just give you my money and call it a day.

I’ll be on anyone’s team, i don’t mind who, but this sounds fun, i should be able to go… This is Michael since no one knows who i am

Okay, I’ll team with SCV Micheal!

sign up me and j4yx2 (Robot Prostate Operation Team GO!)

Expect awesomeness (and commentary too!)

I’m bringing snaaacks!!! =] home baked snacks! :slight_smile:

Hey Royal flush…you gonna wear your salmon colored shirt? xD

Finally, a TvC tournament in SoCal! Too bad it’s almost 2 hours of driving from here to there. I might join the Singles match, though. Not making any promises here.

Anyone up to forming a team with me? I’m using Roll/Casshan.

Wouldn’t mind going for this, but damm kinda late though,
lol havent played TVC in a while, gotta get on that…

might need a ride to get there or Yaris & I wont make it

No, but probably purple robot panda.

Prostate free.

What do you mean finally? We’ve been doing these tournaments for a while ;[ You just didn’t know.

I forgot to add “it has been a while.” Lol. My bad.

YOOO, I’m teamin up with BBhood but I think my buddy Chris might go and he could team up with ya bro

You forgot to add the GO! at the end of our name…

Also…saturday, EVERYONE should wear a shirt with a panda on it… Imma wear my panda shirt too. =D

I dont know if i can make it. My friend is having a birthday party in LA at 8pm :frowning:

awwwwwwww booooooooooooo let me borrow your stream equip,emt =P