SoCal SC2 1/17/04 Regionals Results

We had 39 people show up, which was less than expected but still a really great turnout, especially with all the new faces. Thanks to everyone who came out and donated! Here are the results:

1st: Aris (Voldo, Yoshimitsu)
2nd: tieTYT (Nightmare)
3rd: Shauno (Talim)
4th: Cynnik (Xianghua)
5th: (Tie) Enkindu (Voldo, Sophitia)
5th: (Tie) Devil X (Yoshimitsu, Mitsurugi)

Please post all props and comments here:

Hope to see everyone at the next one!

good shit devil x, shauno and aris

Devil X "Nah, im not going."
Pozzle: "why not?"
Devil X “I stopped playin”


good shit d

serious about this damn game:lol:

didn’t know this game was that serious myself. any vids of good SC2 players (O_O) i play for fun with nightmare and necrid:lol:

serious. thanks.

hugs the nuts:lol:

i did stop playing, why do you think i only got 5th? :lol: damn my son. i was actually there to support a friend with a project she was doing with video game players where they interviewed them after tournies to get their feedback, so i entered. i also got 2nd in tekken tag :evil:

on another note, this game is pretty balanced! too bad its kinda boring for me at the moment. but tournament results usually have a good mix of charaters. everyone at evl in the top 8 used a different main character :eek: thats pretty unheard of for a game at a high level

nyraine, youre gettin hella good! im not joking around either, your game has seriously got better. i was like :sweat: during our match youre almost at tietyts level, just need to get his mental game down and youre there :evil:

Good shit to Devil X and all those who placed high

good shit batch, im proud of you, almost as proud as when you got you son Hang’s grades.

yah, my asian son hang gets hella good grades. however my mexican son pot pot, that nicca dropped out of school and got E-THUG tatted on his belly like 2pac thinkin he living that e-thug life, damn kid i gotta set his lil azzzz straight :fury: