SoCal BlazBlue Thread

New game, new thread, same people. Post away!

So yeah, arcades that currently have BlazBlue in SoCali:

Arcade Infinity
1380 Fullerton Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Setup: The Ride, Japanese style stick/buttons

Quoted ftw.

Denjin Arcade
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Setup: Head to head sit down cabs, Japanese style stick/buttons

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Setup: Another custom ride, Japanese style stick/buttons


BB needs much love!

This game sux.
Anyone wanna play on Xbl?

I have BB, its nice to hear there is arcade spots.

Great game…I want it, Perfect game to break my Hrap3 in with.

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

sitdown side by side japanese cab with a 42’in tv,
cost: 50 cents

Tourney on Sunday 7/12 at FFA. There will be teams and singles.


Eat my BlazBlue.

Im in SoCal, and I am always up for some games. I play on Xbox Live, but I am hoping to head over to Arcade Infinity one of these days. Its just too damn far from my house :frowning:

I like blaz blue, I don’t like v-13

Oh shit new thread

It’s on.

I’ll be on Xbl getting owned. I go to arcade infinity with friends but not very often.

I’ll be at Denjin tonight (7/7) from around 9:30 or so. JOIN ME

for ai’s address:

as far as BB at AI goes, we’re probably getting a new patch for the arcades to get it up to speed with the console version. yeah, it got switched back to the bigger cabinet, The Ride.

Congrats BB’ers, you guys make more money than KOF12…
(you can quote that) :slight_smile:


hooray beer~

I wanna play with Mike Z. MIKKKKKKKKEEEEeeeeee have us over soon if you can read this. You know who this is. :slight_smile: Please?


ps lemme come over

More of this please.

Sweet, I miss BB at the big cabinet!

Damn, so KOFXII is not doing so good!

I guess everyone does not like the new style of play for KOFXII!

I thought KOFXII was going to make more money than BB since AI is a KOF place!