SoCaL Arcana Heart Thread

Making a thread dedicated to SoCal Arcana Heart players. I’m no expert, in fact I’m a self proclaimed scrub, but I’m gonna start a scene if no one else will first. The only machine around here is an Arcana Heart (Not Full) cab located at Arcade Infinity. NYC, philly, and a lot of our brothas in the east coast are doing their part in making Arcana Hearts popular, and i think we need more of a scene over here if we ever hope to compete with them. There’s only so much practice i can do against the computer, we need more of a community people, so let’s get together share some strats, have some rivalries, and have some laughs.

This is one hell of a fun game, and it sucks to see it go ignored at AI most the time, let’s start a scene, and get some hype going. AH(Full) hits consoles next week, October 11th. I’m up to hold a gathering , with multiple tv’s , I got a crew of about 6 guys who also love the game. we just want to get better and have some fun while we’re at it, So represent Cali.



Yo when I come down for those MB tourneys I’ll drop by and play some Arcana with you peeps.

…im in if it is anywhere near (the real) L.A.

I’ll see about going to weeklies or something, I live 60 miles south of AI and only have Wed/Thu available (work). I’d rather do PS2 than AH at AI though.

Oh definately looking to do more console AH than at the arcade, The arcades cab isn’t even the full version.

i wouldn’t mind to learn some arcana hearts… pm me or post here whenever you guys play at ai or console.

i play arcana when i go to AI for guilty gear ranbats which will be this friday hence ill be there playing some this friday and usually some of the other guilty gear players play atleast a little bit…im not very good at this game yet but ive been getting a little bit better each time i go i think

Just asking everyone on how is the learning curve in this game???

Holy shit, Xyth is in Escondido? Someone who isn’t ridiculously far away from me ftw

so is arcana 1 or 2 tokens at AI?

1 all the way through… the lurning curve is pretty much in between melty and guilty gear i would say. if you really wanna think about it it compares a whole lot to fist

I agree, which is why it wasn’t too had to pick up. I need to show you how sexy my Heart is now.

Damn… I don’t think i’ll be there this Friday. It’s cool that people wanna play this game in SoCal at least.

help out =)

maybe arcana heart will make it

Well a couple buds and I are gonna head down to AI saturday, after we check the import store for pre orders of Arcana Heart on console. Went today and almost got Kamui’s loop down, getting used to IAS (Instant air dashing). If anyone else is interested in having fun and learning some shit, contact me on aim or something, we’re pretty open people.

Headed over to the Plaza Friday to take some pictures at Cue with some friends, then went over to AI and played a little arcana. You wheren’t kidding about the guilty gear ranbats, pretty big group of dudes, and some very good players in there. A couple of them headed over to the Arcana machine, I guess skill from guilty gear transfers over to Arcana. A couple of them gave me a run for my money. Only guy i remember is a dude named Maury(Sorry if i got the name wrong, too loud) though, homies Fire Lillica was nuts, he raped my friend Jeffs Fiona, and had me in the corner most of the time until i figured out his game. Never played a game against somone who homing canceled combos so perfectly, I won the second time around but i still got alot to learn, big ups to you mang. Keep playing arcana i need the challenge to get better, god knows the computer is retarded. I’m gonna be heading back to the plaza tommorow/later today(Saturday Oct.6) after i check for pre-orders for Arcana on PS2, hopefully I see some players there.


What exactly do you mean but Not Full and Full versions of the game. What’s missing/different? (I’ve never played this game in my life)

Theres a regular and Full version of the game where Full is the latest one out in japan. There are differences between both games where certain things got fixed and certain characters got nerfed down a bit. I’ll join if theres a gathering somewhere near LA for the PS2 version.

the D button on the left side and the B button on the right side were both pretty iffy last night…so many missed combos cause of that :frowning: …hopefully theyll fix it within two weeks…if any of you go there regularly you should ask the owners to take a look at em

I was there till 7:30 and yeah, the right side B button always goes bad. Really kills the gameplay. Already had the guy fix it once before. Now that the game is coming out on console soon, I doubt i’ll be there anytime soon. As for the GG thing: HC is very much like FRC, but much easier in most cases :rofl:

I always thought it was because it was the first version of the game, theres alot of instances where neither side can move his/her character, sometimes i can’t use the B button either, i thought it was just me. I’m not going to go as much this week, burned myself out, gonna wait for console, got a pre order coming in from a dude at frank and sons, anyway next time i DO head down there ill ask them, and ill ask them to get Arcana Full >_>, doubt it’ll happen but if the buttons get fixed awesome.