Soap and Deodorant: How do you stay Fresh?

I wanted to make a thread where everyone could share there favorite soap, deodorants, and colognes. I recommend everyone take some time to leave a suggestion. The last few cons I’ve been to have been miserable, so this thread is a must because I this community could benefit from all this knowledge.

This is a personal favorite. I use this every morning and it leaves me smelling great when I leave.

Top Tier Deodorant, Top Tier Odor Protection, but you have to use it everyday. I don’t recommend this as a substitute for showering.

Cologne can be a little on the expensive side, but if you like to smell like a boss with the combination of a shower, I recommend Brand Names, its also attractive :slight_smile:

Share your favorite products, teach the community your secrets at staying fresh.

I just use Irish Spring body wash, Head and Shoulders Shampoo because I had dandruff when I was younger and I make sure that shit never comes back. Also Degree for men deodorant/anti perspirant. Keep it simple and it hasnt failed me yet. I dont do cologne unless I’m actually going to some kind of gathering/event/date.

Real men use bar soap.

Takes fucking forever to get it to lather up though. I’m lazy like that. I dont even use shaving cream when I shave because it takes too long. I just cut away my almost beard with a triple razor and hot water.

Real men use electric shavers.


To be honest I’ve cut myself more with an electric razor than I ever managed to when I was just using a normal one.

Really not sure how the hell that works out but yeah.

Pretty simple, no?

I also use the Irish Spring body wash and Old Spice deodorant; just took a shower about an hour ago and it was fucking refreshing. As for cologne, I use Drakkar Noir because it’s fresh as hell and it’s like I’m in the 90s again.

Dr. Bronner’s is S tier.


The peppermint has a tingling, cooling effect on your epidermis. Scrub your junk with a loufa lathered in Dr. B’s and you’ll be able to hit those high notes in the shower.

I use it everyday.

Dove Aloe Vera Bar soap. Can’t use most other products because of my sensitive skin smh.
Old Spice Ocean Breeze
Should probably put lotion as an option too. Vaseline Cocoa Butter or Aloe Vera.
Can’t remember the last time I bought Cologne but I should probably buy one soon.

whatever is in the bathroom. usually random organic bodywash and shampoo.

not a fan of cologne but I have an expensive bottle of tommy hilfiger for special occasion.

and this

Come back when you’ve got sensitive ethnic skin and rapidly growing, thick, stubborn as fuck facial hair.

I use a loofah w/Oil of Olay body wash w/ cocoa butter or dove body wash, shit keeps my skins soft n radiant & my nuts exfoliated …For deodorant Dove Cool Silver seems to do the trick but i dont really sweat. As for Cologne, i haven’t used it in a long time, but my favs were Men’s Curve/CK Be/Kenneth Cole Black/Azzaro Chrome, i still have them that was like 15 years ago.

I’m Puerto Rican. Shaving my moustache is like trying to cut down a bunch of 80 year old Oak Trees. The only part of the process where I’m like “Do I haaaaaaaaave to?”

I use a sonic shower that destroys all surface grime with sound waves.

Puerto Rican? You got nothing on me man.

Imagine doing that all over your face and I mean all over, I grow hair like 1 inch away from my eyes.

Shaving is an event for me, I can finish like 2 episodes of a sitcom just sitting there rubbing my face with one of these things and I still have to go clean it and try again.

I recommend you do everyone a favor and use a real one.

Shit from Bath and Body works with matching lotion. If not that then Old spice or Dove

Shampoo is just whatever I got.

Deodorant is Old spice Zanzibar or whatever else I think smells nice.

Soap: 1)Old Spice Bodywash variants: Swagger, or Fiji being the most common
2) Dove jasmine/coconut bodywash

Deodorant: One of the oldspice: Wolfthorn or Fiji