So whose wangs did Tim and Eric suck at Adult Swim to get their shows on TV?

Did anyone else watch this stuff? Sorry, I’d make a better thread but my brain gears have grinded to halt…


LOL. Their humor is really odd. But, I laugh everytime I see their gay news anchor duo. I’ll have to watch Tim and Eric tonight.

I’ll watch it again once the nights shows start re-airing in order again at 2. I’m playing a game right now. Haha.

But yea, Tim & Eric crack me up. I’m looking forward to their show.

Tim and Eric.Those name ring bells.Eric as in Eric from Boy Meets World?

No Tim and Eric as in Tom Goes to the Mayor.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I was wondering the same thing! How the hell do those two morons get their garbage aired time and time again?

cuz its a very bad expermient if u havent noticed…all the live action shows have a similar flavor…very bad.

adult swim always seems to get like 2-3 golden original hits and then 5-10 shitty shows.

frisky dingo ftw.

well, it’s adult swim. the difference is that they’ve traded the indoor swiming pool for a crap-infested cesspool. if you’re lucky, you catch it when one or two of the few remaining good shows are on. Happy hunting.


Random award.

this new show is basically tom goes to the mayor, but now there just being themselves instead of tom and the mayor. They even kept the queer as hell anchor man/woman/manwoman combo. That said, its just as bad.

Haha, that shit was so fucking stupid… and I absolutely love it. I love it more knowing none of you liked it. Haha.

These guys obviously had to give a sacrifice to the Mooninites to do this.

Hell, if I could get a TV show, I’d do it too.

How is this shit allowed on TV.

It’s basicly the same as me and a bunch of friends getting a camera and acting unfunny.

lol at the jealousy in this thread

Jealousy? I haven’t seen this new show but I’ve seen Tom Goes to the Mayor and you all say it’s the same thing anyway.

Tom Goes to the Mayor is so unbelievably unfunny it’s given me and my whole apartment complex cancer.

I absolutely hated tom goes to the mayer it was pure random garbage and i think the anchor news thng is kinda funny but evrything else makes me want to watch vicious circle:lame:

Atleast it’s probably 20x better than Freakshow. I dunno whos cock David Cross sucked to get that shit on the air. Current trend in comedy is garbage… either too “smart” and preachy or too goddamn dumb and “random.” (or makes fun of the 80s)

There goes your point of view, straight out the fucking window.

It’s just you.