So, which system is gonna be THE system for fighters?

Basically, which system should I buy for upcoming snk/capcom (oops)/namco/other fighters? It looks like Wii is getting a lot of snk games soon…

just get a ps2 now and wait a few years to decide between wii VC/360 xbla i’d say, it’s not like either will get many new fighters soon

Playstation 2

Man this is like asking who’s gonna win the '08 presidential election

Got a ps2 already, and I refuse to go through all the send-it-away, wait-for-it-to-come-back crap to get it modded (in florida, so I can’t just walk into a place and have it done), and i won’t re-buy the system so i can get the newer design. I’d really like to play some of the newer arcade fighters, but apparently, when you live in a place that isn’t a bustling metropolis, you don’t get recent games in arcades. Tekken 5 is the most recent game around here.

If you don’t want to mod, import. PS2 has majority of the FGs. Period.

360 for sure!

Wow dude why are you talking about BURNED GAMES on this site. could have just shared the link without taling about burned games. mod edit.

As of now? 360. for what has the most games that ppl are currently playing? most likely ps2.

jesus swap magic costs practically nothing and is easy as hell to use and people still say they cant play imports

anyway yeah, for 2d fighters i dont see it being anything but ps2 for the forseeable future

Thank you GREATLY for that site. They have some cool shit on there.

More than likely, it’s going to be like so:

PS2/Wii for all your current and upcoming SNK and etc. needs

360/PS3 if you really want the eye-candy that only Namco and Sega’s stuff can provide

The day that the PS2 stops being a viable platform will be when the likes of SNK and Arc System Works finally reach the point where they want to create games that will be beyond the PS2’s already ancient specs; in which case, the Wii will be there to be the successor and take over from that period forward.

No one knows right now because the developers are playing the field cause every system has a shot right now. 360 has VF5, DOA4, Capcom’s support on XBLA and North American support, Wii sales leader, simplest hardware for ports and the VC and Sony still holds Japanese developer support with the PS3 and the PSN eventually will improve.

Personally if you are determined to get only one of the new gen systems, wait it out with a PS2 (most developers are). It you can get two, pick a Wii and either a 360 or PS3, depending on your preference. The way I see it, eventually most Japanese games will eventually hit 360 because it is doing better in the US than the PS3.

PS2, I’m keeping mine until it dies or MGS4 comes out. Then I get a PS3 and play all my fighters on it, easy decision.

The way I see it, eventually most Japanese games will eventually hit PS3 because it is doing better in the Japan than the 360.

Btw, this thread is dangerous because it could start the old boring console wars :S

Well I wouldn’t be surprised with more 360 port of PS3 Japan only titles because of the difference in user base here. However, everyone already knows what titles tend to go where, os it’s up to you on what you like.

PS2/DC will go a long way to giving you a lot of fighters to play. Also who knows how many ports the Wii gets for the future of 2D fighters, and PS2 games are still being made in japan and probably will be for a bit. (Just like DC games went well after the death of that console.)

At the moment with what’s out there you really can’t go wrong with either the PS3 or the 360, as much of their fighting library will probably mirror each other in the future. (Cept for of course Tekken and DOA which will remain on one side of the equation.)

You assume there will be a lot of new fighting games coming out…

If 2D is your thing, PS2 would be your best best. If 3D fighters is what you prefer, then PS3 isn’t a bad way to go.

ps2 has so many 2-D fighting games. Even more when you import, just buy swap magic and a flip top cover for your ps2 and your set.

PS3 or 360. The Wii is getting good fighting titles consistently finally but most of them will be on either the 360 or PS3 because of their superior graphic capacities compared to the Wii. The Wii will get a few really good ones aside from GG Accent Core and Smash Brother Brawl guaranteed something no one could say about the Gamecube with the best potential fighters being Smash Brothers or Soul Calibur 2 for Gamecube (My favorite version of the SC2).