So which edition is the best Dhalsim?

Now that we are going to have edition select, which Dhalsim do you consider the best? Ultra Sim may be interesting depending on how strong Delayed wake up is. Super and Ultra I’m thinking are the best contenders. Although playing Sim without HDK Blast would feel weird.

Super by far. I don’t think he’s changed drastically minus some damage tweaks (which do go a long way though in Super). EX Yoga flame is the only reversal he can do on wake-up and that’s only assuming they’re trying to cross you up (and it doesn’t have hard knock-down anymore for Ultra).

Every version of Sim will suck when people can pick the best characters from each version. Ultra sim is looking like the best version of the character and hes still not gonna break mid tier imo.

Super Sim actually won tournaments. If Ultra Sim is better and Ultra is taking a some of the vortex away, which makes up for half of Sims bad match-ups. I don’t see Sim doing that bad in Ultra.

In edition select you play against a non Ultra version of a character, would be really powerful since no red focus.

I think it’s Super and Ultra as well.
Unfortunately neither has the hard knowdown on Yoga Blast :frowning:

Ultra David tweeted that in the build he played at SCR, Sim had hkd on Yoga Blast. Also you could do catastrophe with a yoga fire on screen. Seems like they took away the nerfs but who knows they may reconsider again.

“David Philip Graham ‏@ultradavid Mar 2
Dhalsim: extra range on ex up blast is p slight but it causes hard knockdown still. Back mk xx flame works from slightly farther”

David Philip Graham ‏@ultradavid Mar 2
Dhalsim: Still has 2 hit st mk. Fire to u1 setup works. Seems mostly the same as AE2012, sooo, prob sucks. Hope he gets more before release

Imo it’s gonna be USF4 Sim, but none of them will be high or probably even mid tier. Super Sim was not a good character, it’s just that we didn’t really understand the SF4 series yet. In Super, it was played largely as a defensive game. In AE2012, it’s played largely as an offensive game. A small part of this is due to character changes, but a much bigger part is due to new understandings of how to get in, how to pressure, how to capitalize on knockdowns, etc. I guarantee that if we were to go back to SSF4 with our current understanding, nobody would think any of Dhalsim, Chun, Guile, Dictator, etc were top or high tier.

I dunno how he’ll end up in USF4, I’m sure there’s some balancing left to do, but Combofiend makes me feel pretty confident that Sim won’t end up worse than in AE2012. And in any case he’ll have wultra for traps and comebacks, delayed getup to kinda deal with crazy offense better, and no more unblockables to lose to. I think that by itself will make him better than previous Sims.

this is a good question. i hope… Ultra sim is the best. system changes, such as delayed wakeup, will help his character build. we shall see…

If this version of sim makes it into the final build, USF4 sim will be the best version so far.

Well, Super Dhalsim was the version with the most damage, and the only drawbacks I can think of is a slower EX Yoga Flame (but a b.HP xx EX Yoga Flame DID hurt on Super), no Hard Knockdown on Yoga Blasts (wich I tough they were taking away), slower db.MP (probably the most notable difference when you play Super) and… slower drills?
Still seems like the best one (for most matchups at least).