So where's the pics of the Marvel vs Capcom 2 arcade stick?

With the announcement official now this is a good question. I want to know what I need to start stressing over now and be prepared because I was so unprepared for the SFIV TE BS. Another thing to ask from arcade purists would be: Is it best to play this game on a japanese style stick or MAS?

Play with what you like more.

Oh wait, you mean you haven’t seen the new sticks yet? Here’s a pic.


That’s exactly what I was hoping for haha.

LOL!!! wow

^ Expect the elusive Ken/Wolverine stick up on eBay for 300 a pop soon.

good shit!

LOL, best stick I’ve ever seen

Obviously that’s a TE knockoff by some Chinese company, Whori.

you mean Madish Kitty. :wgrin:

That’s awesome! Gotta pre-order that one! :rofl:

I like it!!!