So Where Do I Start?

Sup all. Im new to this forum. I was referred by a buddy who told me that this forum
would be good for me to check out. Im new to Street fighter and stuff. Im not new to Tekken.
I did the tutorial mode on SFxT and I know the controls and such.
I just need to know where do I start now? I cant seem to find a team to use and Ive been practicing
for hours to make combos and such with people. I still cant seem to do any good. So now I come to you kind people to ask where do I start? Like I said im completely new at Street Fighter.

But thanks for any help in advance.
Feel free to add me on xbox live messaging me on here.
XBL GT: xVxDeMoNiiCxVx

Again thanks and sorry if this dont go here.

Do a few character trials for fun. Then take the characters you like most into training mode and mess around with tag cancels and cross-rush combos. Try to see who has the best synergy with who.

Also, watch some videos/streams to get an idea of what each character is capable of.

Thanks and if your on the xbox or whatever hit me up.
But thanks (: ill take your advice and the other advice i hopefully receive(:

Starting a game that has similarities to SF4 can be quite rough these times. I started playing SF4 when Vanilla was released and started to learn the game the following way:
I started playing a lot of training mode until I could do my bnbs (typically about 3 for a start) 20 times in a row. Then I started to play against the AI on the hardest difficulty, because landing the bnb under pressure is a whole different story than doing it in training mode. You also wont learn the way the game plays inside training mode, so get some AI matches in until you feel comfortable with your characters (if you didn´t choose mains yet, try different characters until one “clicks” for you) and the neutral game.
Then comes the time you want to compete with human players. I did this online (NOT RANKED, this will probably frustrate you more than it helps) in endless lbbies. This way, I got my ass whooped a hundred times by tactics the AI never used on me (of course not, it´s crappy AI after all) and learned lots of new techniques and what move works best in whatever situatiion I was in. When playing endless, try to fill your friendlist with competent players at your level of skill, or slightly above. Stomping really bad players won´t help you, being beaten straight by veterans wont either so do your best to find a fitting scene for you (maybe some Tekken guys you already know bought the game simultaneously with you?)
When you think you made some good progress, you can try playing ranked or entering tournaments if you have a local scene (I don´t, so this tip is very online-heave, I´m sorry :() for some encounters with “cheap” strategies you gotta learn how to deal with.

I hope this helps a little bit, thats how I started learning SF4 (although I did have a 2D fighter-background with Super Turbo).

Wow thanks Piepmatz for that great reply. It means alot.
I will take this advice and other advice I hopefully receive.

In a sense you have an advantage coming into the game with no prior street fighter knowledge, because that can also hinder progress in this similar but new game.

This early into a game’s lifespan, we really need people to come up with their own new tech. So that’s why you go right on ahead and base your character choices on personal preferences. Maybe pick your Tekken favorites. Or go take a look at the preliminary tier list and pick based on that. Maybe go with an underdog? I’m not a Tekken player but I’ve found my match in Raven/Yoshimitsu so far, which are high and bottom tier respectively. Well, take that list with a grain of salt. At any rate, don’t let your choices be bogged down by what may or not be viable or have good synergy, because at this point, we don’t really know anyway. Even if we may think we do.

Learning BnBs is a good place to start after that.

Thanks soo much Yuriwa. Ill be sure to try that stuff out !

I really don’t get it. Find a team who you enjoy and just play them. What do you mean by “Where do I start?”. The times haven’t changed. When I was five or whatever and I first played SFII, I didn’t ask people where to start. I just played the game, had fun, and learned over time. It’s not rocket science.