So...what's with the thong?

He has a nice suit on in the beginning of the fight. Why throw a perfectl good suit away only to wear a thong? What’s up with that :confused: ? And is he Mexican?

Gill and Urien are based on acient Greeks I think who where almost naked when they competed with each other in the acient olympics…just my stupid theory. Dunno about the Mexican thing though.

In the Urien stage, it looks like Aztecs ruins so i thought Mexican. So…is Gill a lot stronger than Urien since he’s the boss and gets wings and shit.

He’s not mexican. He was in Egypt in 2nd Impact, does that mean anything?

Thongs because it was supposed to be togas. Capcom thought togas made them look like Jesuses, so they scrapped it.

…true story. Togas would’ve been better.

Edit: I’m hungry

never heard of a togo…but i have heard of a toga.