So what'd I miss?

I haven’t been around for about 2 years I believe. I did come on here after Dasrik passed away to pay my respects, but I only read and posted in that thread.

Just watched the Evo stream this weekend, and figured I’d head back on here and see what I’ve been missing.

So somebody give me an update. Any awesome threads? New posters? What have you clowns been up to? Are the usual suspects around? I’m calling for the roll call, right here, right now!

I don’t know you, go back to #srkgd.

Post feb 2009 is a different place, but its still a decent way to kill time

Although the removal of rep was kind of an improvement for GD

lol serpent where ya been at?

Ridiculously true, as if the forums were eviscerated and then re-built from scratch after the flood of 09 and subsequent flame fests.

SRK has a more corporate-friendly vibe. Don’t wanna lose sponsors just because somebody clicked on the wrong thread (or one of Million’s posts)…

  • Serpent’s back? damn. And I just read some arcticninja posts, too.

STA Saga

we have some new rules.

you can make fun of everything but homosexuality

You missed out on some threads that could have really used your input, like the cop hitting a woman thread.

It’s old news now, but if you missed the STA saga, you’re in for a treat.

The search function seems kind of useless now (no way to show results as posts?) so anybody want to link me to the STA Saga?

Also…what happened the the join dates? Post counts were gone a long time ago, but we don’t have join dates even now? Why lol?

Since it has been 2 years from the time you failed out of law school, are you now legally allowed to apply to different law schools?

I saw on the Real Housewives of NJ that there is a 2 year ban if you fail out which doesn’t make any sense.

Serpent you missed the Glovegirl thread and the poster who was really a guy pretending to be a girl while talking to another guy in the relationship thread.

Ah SRK trolling. This nerd is still around?

I’m surprised you haven’t shot someone and gotten carted off to jail for it. I remember you from years ago, constantly whining to me on AIM about how everyone bullies you and you were going to buy a gun to “put the fear of God in people.” Are you still 125 lbs soaking wet too?

I had heard about you posting this stuff, but since I wasn’t around I didn’t care. Now I doubt SRK really takes you seriously, but for the record, I finished law school in 08, passed the bar in July of that year, and have been sworn in since 09. Incidentally, if any of you guys are in the NY area and either have faced employment discrimination, false arrests, false imprisonment or even in some cases have been stopped illegally and harassed, I can take care of these cases for you and get you some money. For the women, I also handle sexual harassment cases.

Now does SRK give out warnings for trolling and personal attacks yet like most forums? Because if so, I want to report rsigley, I hear he’s been doing this for 2 years now.

Sep got demodded. It was controversy. I think.

Pretty sure you have me confused with someone else as a) I don’t use AIM and when I did I only talked to 2-3 people and blocked everybody else b) I was never 125 lbs except maybe in 5th grade, I’ve been 170 for past 10 years.

No, I’m sure I don’t. You had two screen names, one you used at work, and the other one you used outside of work. You gave me both, and you certainly hadn’t blocked me at that time. This was several years ago, I’m fairly certain prior to law school. I believe I played against you in casuals at ECC or otherwise met you somewhere.

I don’t care what your weight is, the 125 lb number is obviously an insult as to your physical toughness.

Now I have no idea why you suddenly held a grudge towards me. I definitely remember your gun comment. You told me a bunch of other weird stuff but I thought nothing of it. But now you are apparently trying some sort of smear and hate campaign against me, when I haven’t even posted here.

So why don’t you tell me and the rest of SRK what your problem is. Did I fuck your gf by accident or something? I mean seriously, where is this hate coming from? You are obviously obsessed with me and are taking things personally. Usually this behavior only occurs with ex-gfs, but since that shouldn’t be it, we can only assume a girl is somehow involved. I mean who else goes around making up a false rumor and repeating it to everybody they can?

Wassup Serp. How you been?

You missed out on all the drama of Glovegirl and the classic internet White Knights coming to the “rescue.”

EDIT: Damn. Totally missed the post by Ep.

Oh…and Mr. Darkness too.