So what stick should I buy?

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Thing is, I need a new stick that I can use for PS2. I want a good one, so I’m just wondering what is the best on the market at the moment. I only want the balltop stick though, that’s what I’m used to use. Anyways, I was looking through trading forum and there are several stick makers there but I have no idea how they are. So I’m looking for anyone with experience to help me out with that stick I should get. I’ve also looked at the HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick which looks good. Anyways, please help me. I really want a good stick =)


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if you have the money custom ones are the best just look at the makers work to see how they are

SRK doesn’t house shitty stickmakers


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What kind of stick are you used to playing on in the arcade?
If you play 3s or any 2d fighting game, you may not like HRAPs because they’re much looser than american sticks. They have square gates as opposed to most 2d fighter sticks which are smooth 360s. But if you play 3d fighters, get a HRAP from VGO’s online store:

Thanks for the thoughts on the HRAP stick. I realized this maybe is in the wrong forum but owell. I do only play 2d games, so what do you think is good?

Hori Real Arcade Pro/2/3 are your default Japanese stick. If you’re ever stuck deciding what stick you want and have a relatively lower end budget, go for it. The great thing about them is they’re reasonably light (once the bottom plate is removed, I use my stick like this) and 100% managable. Parts can be upgraded/replaced and if you pick the HRAP2 can even be modded with not only Sanwa sticks but Siemitsu sticks aswell…