So, what happens to SF4 with the arrival of Super?

Amongst my circle of friends/Vega users/acquaintences, they will either be selling/usng as a coaster/balance their wobbly table/give to their dog to eat/blow up/keep for memory’s sake their SF4 disc. With that said what will become of the SF4 portion of this forum?

Granted it is still a part of the current series. But does it have the staying power some other games have(3S, MvC2, CvS2)? My guess is no. With the balancing and improved game modes for Super it’s shaping out to be a better game in almost every aspect. Will SF4 be the forgotten girlfriend with the hot new neighbor moving in? :badboy:

Just wondering what will happen to the attention the game/forum gets.

um, why would you compare the first iteration of SF4 with the last iterations of others series in order to draw a parallel? you make no sense dude

probably merge the two forums together?

Well that’s really all you can go by. Attention is attention. Does that make sense?

um, what? What happened to Next Generation when 2i came out? What happened to MvC1 when MvC2 came out? What happened to CvS?

Forums will probably be merged.

SF4 PC will still be alive and kicking until SSF4 PC happens (if it does)

Merged I reckon.

And Tony put your avatar back to how it was, looked awesome earlier with Bison’ Devil reversing!

As for my disk…yep coaster.

Tell me, what did happen?

How about you cosplay a female Bison and turn yourself upside down into a devil’s reverse! I would like that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I wouldn’t mind doing that actually been needing an excuse to cosplay Bison :stuck_out_tongue:

Do it!!! I will brand it as my avatar!!

The upside down bit will be the hardest…XD Unless I can find a healthy tree that I won’t fall out of and break my neck from to dangle a devil reverse with XD

This game will die except for people who somehow like Sf4 over super sf4 or have the pc version.

^ I’m actually going to keep SF4 and SSf4… I mean some days, I just don’t want to see Dudley, ibuki, and Guy used all over the place. :slight_smile: Good ole SF4 :slight_smile: