So what are your thoughts on Dudley in Street Fighter 4? BUT MY VIRAL THREAD

Do you guys think he’s any good like he was in 3rd strike? What are your impressions of him in SSF4 Arcade Edition and the next incoming v.2012 patch?

Is Dudley an underrated or overrated character? Is he OP or gutter trash? Feel free to discuss.

If you don’t know much about Dudley, then it’s alright to give an uninformed opinion about this character firsthand. After posting your initial impression, you can head to this link right here compiled by the Dudley community and share your input on it, whether you disagree or agree with what they had to say on Dudley.

I personally think Dan is a better character than Dudley in SSF4:AE and Dudley will most likely be a rock solid bottom tier of the lowest tiers in v2012.

He’s fun, I guess, but they seriously need to listen to that thread. His current changes will do absolutely nothing to improve. Needs non-useless SSB, armor on EX Duck, better normals.

He’s bad. Like, really, really bad.

You know better. We have a tier thread already and you know where the Dudley sub-board is.