So they made a movie about DDR

No not a documentary…this is some serious shit. They got a slimmed down Zangief stepping against a short Sagat. Someone died because his opponents combo hit ‘187’…oh that shit is REAL.

And the MPAA thinks sales declined becaus of piracy HA!

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Can you get mad at a movie that wants the main character to “Be all the nigga you can be” ?

Somebody’s name is sugga nigga in this? You got to be kidding me.

little late but funny

I can’t see myself going out of my way to see this, I still play ddr but… naaah, trailer looks it shows all the good stuff

its been posted but isnt that a pump it up pad?

This has to be a joke, the acting is so fucking bad. Not even C rated movies from the 70 are this bad

EDIT: Movie taken down for nudity.

Yo bro, are you ready for this shit or what?


I’ll be backin your shit up til the end.
For reals?
For reals.

That’s it, I’m going to make a indie movie with POGS, reboot that shit and make a ton of money.

Not enough DDR Extreme Announcer
“Grab my heart”
“Theres always, a TOOOMORROOOWW”
“You are a super dancer!”

Also not enough Captain Jack, DES-Row, DJ TAKA, Naoki and other good DDR artists…
shit, they didn’t even have Sandstorm…

Looks like red octane DDR pads. It had the extra up-left and up-right arrows for DDR Solo Mode (original 4 arrows + 2 extra arrows)

ohh. thanks lol.

Still looks better than KoF and SF: Chun Li

Shit son a training montage with the ab thing you see on tv AND a cage match?!?!? I just lost my mind.

From the look of the movie, I don’t think their budget could afford to pay for usage of Sandstorm or even actual DDR songs. :V

Any Nigga can be a Nigga

Be all the Nigga you can be


Fuck, well I guess I have to be all the NIGGA I can be and watch this movie now.

I’m surprised Konami didn’t sue them for using DDR.

Guess they don’t care about DDR anymore.

I want to see the behind the scenes. How can people keep a straight face saying that shit?

I’m trying to figure out how this got financiing…

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This is too clever. I’ll love it.

I DDR’d off 40+ pounds. I used to post at Gamesages with someone who was big in the DDR scene. Oh that guy.