So MvC3 will use six buttons

3 attacks, 2 assists, 1 exchange button.

It will not be mvc2, nor tvc. It’s not more like tvc or more like mvc2 either…

6 buttons is as complex as 6 buttons, so no problem there.
It will just be different… but oh wait… different == bad!. Right? because i have to learn a new game… so… Fuck this game???*


Mods: Can you now remove the joo’s dvd sticky? it’s as unrelated as posting a tvc video, and no one is putting attention to it. Also, the game’s development it’s almost finished according to some sources (see news thread), so it’s pointless to try them to “get to see how awesome mvc2 is”. Thanks.

thats atleast an infraction right there.

Eh all the mvc2 fanboys are crying in their panties that they have to learn a new game. Instead of saying okay let’s see how it plays. They are bitching at not having mvc2.5hdr lol

Yeah, totally agree.

hopefully they will realize that different is not bad at all.

Why has he not been banned yet?

What I want to know is where it says it will use 6 buttons. We know of the EXCHANGE button, but we don’t know if it’s in addition to, or in place of, any assist/partner buttons. Link please?

I can’t see how they’d do 3v3 without two seperate assist buttons without it being a convoluted mess, so the 6 button thing is a safe assumption

EDIT: double post, sorry

game informer says it will keep tvc button scheme.

So that’s 3 attacks and a button for assits, but now there are 2 assists, so thats’s two buttons. Plus an exclusive button to launchers and other stuff, the exchange button.

Add that, and it equals 6.

Yeah but sir you still have not answered the question.
what’s an Xtrem?

Capcom, you’ve done me wrong too many times now. Fuck you straight to hell.

I dont know how he hasnt been banned for all the trolling yet.

Probably an alt account for one of the mods.

How is pressing a button + moving the stick easier than pressing 2 buttons? sounds like the same to me and 3 buttons just make the system more messed up.

6 attack buttons, lp + mp or lk + mk = change character, mk + mk or hp + hk = assists would be prefered in my opinion.

I’m sure it will take some getting used to , but its MvC, so I’ll do it.

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