So leaderboard stats

if im in the top 300 with dudley does that mean im decent or just that hes just not a popular character?

I don’t think being on the leaderboard will mean much, considering the amount of bad players on OE. He should be a popular character though, pretty easy to play compared to other characters like uhh Akuma or Urien.

if you’re asking you already know the answer.

johnpwns is like top 10 overall last time i saw lol.

i was playing someone in the top 40s and i had a few pretty solid games, il try to upload them when i get my xbox hooked up again, i just moved back to jersey, do you guys know if any street fighter 3 tournaments still exist? i love this game but i feel like its WAYYYYY too late to hop on that bandwagon
any reply is appreciated

Hmmm…if you’re top 300 on the leaderboards that means you’re…let me calculate it real quick…wait…according to my calculations…this means you’re a dumbass scrub who thinks online means something.

All joking aside though, you’re a scrub.

no need to be such a dick about it
you sound like the type of guy who likes r/spacedicks

Wtf is a spacedick?

copy+paste to google
right up your alley :slight_smile:

You sound like you know what will show up when you search for it.

That’s the point of knowing stuffs.

online leaderboards = who plays the most

very true, i asked this a few months ago out of curiosity, wasnt trying to boast or anything.
im looking to get some more street fighter in real soon though,sadly i dont know of any tournaments in my area, or in fact if they still have tournaments in jersey for 3s, id love to at least go, if anyone knows about that area id appreciate a reply

btw kayo i was kidding, dont look that up, its pretty damn disgusting.