So KoF12 is dead?

No new posts in about a month in the “SNK games for XBL” forum besides some Mark of the Garou vids. Is there another place where people are matchmaking for this game?

If you’re a noob and you live in California and you want to get some games in, I’m down. Shit even if you’re not a noob or if you maybe live in the US, I’m down for some games. Can’t get too greedy when there’s slim pickens I be suppose’n’!

EDIT: Blazblue is the same story? Jeez. Depressing.

The game is pretty much trash. Last best KoF made was '98. Everything else after that was when the bullshit started.

But… but… there has to be SOME people who want to play it still? Wasn’t it a hit in the arcades?

“So KOF is dead?”

Unfortunatly it was still born

Kof12 died quickly in the arcades also. Too much competition even from snk’s other games. All the hardcore snk gamers in japan dropped it quickly for kof2002 UM. Had a ton more characters, more varied and traditional gameplay system and was basically a remake of one of the most popular and competitive kof games.

What about Blazblue? I hopped on there last night too. Same story pretty much.

Same story. Looks like everyone is now just waiting for BB:CS.

Jesus. So it’s all sf4 then and whatever is on GGPO?

By the way, if anyone want’s to play Blazblue or Kof12 with a noob, hit me up.

That sucks. I really liked KOF XII. There’s like no tournaments for it either. It’s like a waste of a game and a waste of time for the developers. Well I’ll still have it to play with friends who want to come over my crib and play it just for shits and giggles.

Lots of people are on tekken 6 now that the netcode has been fixed. I would check that out too. I like it better than sfiv so it gives me something else to play that others are also.

Please someone play me in KOF12 that lives in cali :frowning:

I’d play this game a lot more if nearly every match I tried didn’t have horrible input delay. Add Kisaris, Quick Man and I’ll try to play you sometime tonight or tomorrow. I must warn you that I live in Alabama, so the chances of us actually having a decent match is slim. We can try, though.


Have you had any good connections at all since the patch? Like with someone in your home state?

I haven’t played much since the patch (almost no one on), so I haven’t gotten a good chance to test it with anyone from around here. But I did actually get a few good matches before the patch. They were rare, but did happen.

Even Robitussin can’t fix this terrible KoF.

Reading this makes me glad I didn’t pick up KoF. Died so quickly.

Its too bad that it died the way it did. KOF12 has a great fighting engine and a beautiful graphics. Im always down for matches, just hit me up on XBL.
The last patch really made the netcode a lot better.

Ill quote you on that man, i need some achievements / practice! ill send you a fr.

Sounds good dude!

I never had the time to play KoF XII alot… just two or three matches, so I can’t judge it really… But it died in the arcades here fast! everyone’s playing either SFIV or Tekken 6…