So is there a reason why Daigo used Strong Shoryuken instead of Fierce Shoryuken in That One Combo?

Does the combo (you know which one I’m talking about) only work with the MP Shoryuken? I’m pretty sure that HPDPxxShippuu Jinrai is easier than MPDPxxShippu Jinrai. Did the MK on the way down cause complications?

Probably cause it does more damage…
And maybe hp srk would whiff from time to time.
Why would it be easier with HP?

It’d be easier because you have more frames to cancel from. And are you sure it would deal more damage? The first hit alone maybe, but I didn’t think the first hit of MP Shoryuken dealt more than the first two hits of the HP shoryuken combined. Under what circumstances would it whiff where the MP version wouldn’t, especially when the opponent is earthbound? Does it have something to do with the two kicks leading into the combo?

You have to think about the full combo, not only the first hits, cause damage reduce changes that logic.
Test it, but i’m pretty sure damage reduce makes mp srk more damaging than hp, when comboing with jinrai.

The whiff thing may be not relevant for that particular combo, but it happens quite often that Hp srk whiffs second hit cause i’m too far from opponent.
First hit hitbox of mp srk is bigger and hits further than hp.

I didn’t think 3S had damage scaling except for cancelled supers doing less damage than linked or random ones.

In 3rd Strike, damage scaling is based on number of hits. This is the reason multi hit moves and extra hits reduce damage.

In the case of Ken, stand fierce xx strong DP xx SA3 is the most damage Ken can do standing.

I understand why he used strong SRK instead of fierce SRK.

But is there a reason why he used jumping roundhouse instead of jumping fierce to begin the combo? Incorporating the latter amounts to more damage, no?

Damage scaling in 3s works differently than in other games. The basic concept is that the harder the move, the further it scales. Easy check: with Makoto sHPxxSA1 does LESS damage than cMK > SA1

Max damage combo

That’s why most max damage punishes with shippu on ground are st. Fp, mp. Shoryu, shippu…

Cause the fp dp is broken up into more hits and it wouldve done less damage than a mp dp

Generally the medium hit special move into super will do more dmg, but not always… (like dudleys case)

That was was prob just on the fly decision, i havent tested but they shoild do same damage? With the punch doing more stun