So i'm another generic nab trying to learn stick

… and it’s frustrating the hell out of me just how bad i’ve gotten at 3s.

So i figured hey i might as well learn some other game outside SF so i can learn the mechanics as well as getting better on stick. Most preferably something GGPO or 2DFable, i’m tossing up between a few series:
KoF (Lulz) - probably 02, i actually didn’t mind the look of that
Darkstalkers - looks really interesting
Samurai Showdown - coz dey have swords lawl

I’m going to buy GGXX and Melty blood for PS2 first chance i get, but something for PC is good to get going right away.

But yes, can anybody recommend me any interesting series worth trying?
or even better
games with easy learning curves for stick so i can start to grasp it quicker? :slight_smile:

I miss Makoto / Yang :frowning:

What the fuck is a nab?


Learn it right once and you never have to worry about it again.

mmph… but that’s haaard :frowning:
I had a feeling ST would be the way to go but it’s just so frustrating lol

None of the other games you listed are easy either. In fact they may even be harder because you have they have an expanded system.

As for what to play… play whatever but don’t play too much because you’ll end up nowhere.

We don’t like nabs. Worse than newbs and noobs. We like noms. Noms are good.

ggxx is easy but you will not want to learn to practice SF games anymore :frowning:

edit : try project justice

you need to just keep playing. i was the same a couple months ago when i was just learning stick & it was horrible. but i just never went back to pad & forced myself to play with stick & i got used to it. just keep playing on stick & dont give up.

Is this a sick joke of yours you’re trying to play?

the game you’re playing is about irrelevant to getting accustomed to using a stick as what food you’re eating. how many of these fucking threads need to be made before people get the hint that there’s no shortcut to learning a new controller.

c’mon , this fella is new in fighting games right ? i bet my ass that he can do some thing simple with sol .

Guilty gear and melty blood are combo heavy games where each character’s BnBs will include lots of stick movements…

Getting used to the stick with SF and other classical style games will be easier than with modern style combo+airdash games.

practice is the only way to get better with the stick… What game you are playing shouldn’t really matter.

I always heard that gambling’s a good way to lose your ass…