So if a famous person asked to piss on you

Who would it be and would you let he or she?

Girl: Hell yeah, I let him piss on me, nigga!! Tha’s R. Kelly!
Riley: See? I TOLD ya!

Jesus. I figure, either it will magically change me and prove once and for all that God exists, or some tiny black guy will have pissed on me, and I’ll be free to be a complete dick until the day I die.

I would only let R. Kelly piss on me. No one else.

I’m gunna piss on you’re fooood!

You’re body! Is a portapotty…

How much payment we talking? I don’t get peed on for free.

Scarlett Jo can pee on me

shit on me

vomit on me

its all good

Yo I heard that.
If a chick is hot enough, I do not care.

Grammar: The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit!

Only if she’s smoking hot and gives up Anal after.
If i have to suffer bitch so do you.

…yeah, any of the gorgeous super-elites I’ve considered worthy of “Magnificent 5” status… yeah, I’d be fine with them pissing on me, especially if it means I get to hit it. For example, without question I’d be perfectly ok with Morena Baccarin pissing on my chest if she wanted.

…Ariana Grande is another one… people need to look her up to see the greatness. She’s currently on that show “Victorious”, and easily one of the hottest new famous girls out there.

…and Salma Hayek, Angie Harmon, Nicole Scherzinger, the list goes on and on.

I just thought of something.
What if you were in a transparent iron maiden, with no spikes though. But the girl just pissed from the top and it showered over you… But then she would walk away when she was done and you would only be released from the maiden after she was long gone.

I’m sure no one would do it then. Unless you would just get off on getting pissed on by a hot chick.
At least you get to see her snatch.

I think you’re looking at a percent of a percent who would be interested.

You have odd taste with that ariana chick she looks 12.

So then.

I take it you are totally down with her herp, and that secondhand bi-curious Ryan Reynolds aftertaste?

All these try hard troll accounts lately.

On Topic.

Alicia Keys…just her.

[Insert witty yet overused R. Kelly urination joke here]

uhhhh… Felicia Day or Olivia Munn. Hot nerdy chicks. :3

Female ejaculate is up to 80% urine. Squirters don’t have any special piping. The female orgasm is often associated with a need-to-pee sensation. Not wanting to urinate is one of the problems orgasmically challenged women face.

This scientific information should influence replies, hereafter.

so it’s an either/or situation, eh?

Girls pissing is hot.
Guys pissing is not hot. Unless it’s me. Pissing in a toilet. I have 0 desire to piss on things that aren’t’ designed to hold piss. :tup:

I once pissed in a cup in a traffic jam and totally underestimated how much I could piss… :wasted:

Birthday brother, you should know by now that SRK doesn’t give a flying fuck if the chick gets off or not.

It’s the misogyny, m’man.


That, and most of the new kids couldn’t get a bitch to come with a diamond dog whistle.