So, I would like to join tournaments

…problem is, I live in Italy and italian people are dumb. Being dumb, we’re not into fighting games at all. You know, soccer and racing games everywhere (few tournaments anyway).

So…any advice at all?
Yeah I know you can’t really give me any advice other than “change country”, and I also know that this thread is probably just a rant. But I want to improve my game and offline play is the best (if not the only) serious way to do it.

P.S. And honestly, sorry for this idiotic thread. I’m simply extremely frustrated -.- I even tried to persuade my girlfriend to learn how to play…with no avail.

Have you checked the matchmaking forum yet? You are definitely not the first person i’ve seen on SRK from Italy.

Yeah. I searched for “Italy” in both matchmaking threads with no results.

Your search-fu is weak!

Mind you, mine isn’t much better, but I was able to find this:

"Nice to know you’re in Italy.
Can’t really tell you anything useful about online play. But… Join our forum (feel free to write in english, it’s perfectly fine), hopefully you’ll find some competition:
Arcade Extreme - italians play them better

We have monthly tournaments for 3s and - yes - SFIV in Milan and Rome, btw!"

Find a venue start your own get together If you feel comfortable using your own house I’d suggest it, have players bring materials Like set ups and what not, like casuals for free and grow your scene it may take a very long while but they are probably more people interested in SF then you think. After that happens I’m sure you will be able to host tourneys yourself against players from different regions of Italy just my 2 cents bro. Just don’t give up.

When there is no scene it just means you didn’t make it yet.

But there probably is, you just need to check under the rug.