So I tried to get into Tekken

I always wanted to break into 3d fighters, my favorite being Virtua Fighter since the arcade days. I’ve tried countless times to get into Tekken, but as mostly a street fighter player, I can’t get over the juggles and how some moves are so overpowered. I know I am a n00b, but damn this game is like super hard online when I get juggled like crazy add to the fact that some characters have projectiles.

I know this is typical n00b ranting, but I wanted to know how other street fighter characters have adjusted to Tekken, and if they really got into it seriously.

Watch this.

I feel the hardest part about 2D to 3D is learning to move. If you can’t move in Tekken you’re as good as dead.

The combo flow you’ll get the basics in a day or two and build from there, but learning to move your character is an agonizingly slow process.

I tried to get into Tekken when TTT2 was released. The juggles were the easy part. Then I hit entry barriers of movement, throw breaking, & frame data. After 1k+ games online I felt the amount of information required just for me to know what I was losing to was overwhelming.

Yeah Tekken isn’t necessarily a hard game, it just became so overcomplicated over the years. It punishes you for not knowing all the moves and strings, how to block them and how to punish them, how to move, the wake-up system, the throw breaking system, and so on, which is absolutely normal for a beginner.

So yeah, it’s a bit frustrating at the start. It’s a good game, but man it takes so long just to even start having fun with it.

It’s way too hard as it is now to do movement in Tekken. They’ve dumbed the game down in a few ways but not in ways that would actually appeal to newcomers. Namco never understood that most people don’t want to play games that have crazy inputs just for a player to move.

They made great characters but they fucked up making an actual game that is fun to play. Juggles were long as they were, now they all take the same amount if time as infinites in umvc3.

Too many generic moves makes the 40+ characters meaningless. Most of them have the same type of moves to deal with the same situation. They managed to balance the game but it’s boring to play retcons of the same protocharacter.

The comeback mechanics like rage/netsu and crush were nice attempts to make the game more random and appealing but all they did in the end were making the established veteran players resent the game.

Mark my words, Tekken is a dying game. Unless they address the key problems of the game all the additions and revamps won’t make a difference. I’ll acknowledge Namco has given the casual crowd all the barbie accessories of their wet dreams but they need to dumb down the game properly if they ever want another Tekken that is worth making and marketing in the future.

And yet it doesn’t really tell you how to do any of it. Brilliant model!

There’s fight lab I guess, but I literally played it through once and haven’t really been back since. That one moment when I saw Fight Lab was input reading killed it for me. As for the game I barely play now. Sort of the same story as the OP, the fun went down, the frustration went up and the inconsistencies in how stuff worked just made no sense to me (example, Harpoon Sweep won’t land on a downed opponent who’s just started getting up, but other similar situations it will O_o). I started noticing stuff like that, because of the fun/frustration ratio went whack (as did the reward/effort one).

Yeah, but OP, if you keep fighting and are willing to put the work in you’ll get there eventually :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I am not willing to go any further with it (I’d rather spend time actually playing the game rather than in practice mode, couldn’t pull of the stuff I did in practice mode in fights anyway half the time), but if you watch stuff like Level Up Your Game on YouTube it should help.

Just hate how the game feels like you need three degrees to start playing, and then you have to do a masters to actually get good. This is coming from someone who played Tekken 3 for years before the 7th generation dropped

My boyfriend has the same issue. Pretty good SF player, not so much on tekken. It’s hard for people to jump in and run with it. A lot of us playing have developed our Tekken knowledge over years of playing. I say, stick with it. give yourself 3 mos. I know that’s a lot in gamer time.

I tried too…it erm…it didn’t end well (this is after a year and a half)

Tekken is fun a shit to learn from the start. Especially Tag 2 if you’re starting with that. Tag Combos, Tag Assaults. The game is awesome. Maybe don’t spend all your time online but take on some ghosts as well to mix things up and maybe get a little easier time to start. It’s amazing the amount of moves each character has. Play around with them all and pick two you liked the most then just train hard with them and have fun while doing it. Simple.