So I took my cheap ass stick apart

Last month I picked up one of these used and cheap:

Now this thing is small, only slightly bigger then many pads. But since it was PS3 native, I thought it might be worth a look. Well, I finally got around to cracking it open, and here’s what came out:

Now then, do you think it’s worth the effort to try to make something better out of this? It’s no Dualshock board, but at least it’s PS3 native.

You could solder wires to the contact points on the PCB and then hook those up to buttons, but I doubt the original case will fit the new buttons.

To be honest it might be better to just get a new stick - I’m sure a Hori Fight Stick 3 is much better stock than that thing.

What size are the buttons?

I’m pretty sure they don’t make Sanwa buttons or any other high quality buttons in that size, lol. The only thing you’d be able to change is the joystick. I honestly don’t think you can do anything about the buttons.

If you were going to make any use of that arcade stick, I suggest you buy a cheap wooden case, stick the PCB in there and wire it up to Sanwa parts to create a whole new arcade stick all together.

Will and LS-40 fit?

Well, I figure I could just make a new case for the thing and replace the stick assembly. The stick itself isn’t too bad, but no reason to look for something better. Or at least replace the shaft with something a bit longer.

I once thought about painting the stock stick gold and making a championship belt out of it. Hell, it’s the right size.

Probably the best choice. Maybe replace the stick’s shaft and then put in in a compact size case with 30mm (or maybe 24mm) buttons.

Now that I would like to see.

How about doing that with the shell once you’re done with the PCB? Put in a Cthulhu and make a Championship Belt that works as a stick.