So I like Edma a little less now

Love him as a player, great rushdown Akuma and fun to watch, but today I joined his lobby and got booted out twice. I am assuming he didn’t want to waste his time with me, but I did send him a message telling him I was a fan, corny or not. He was playing with some BrandonIsAngry guy (maybe another pro), but if you don’t want to play anyone else, make a room private, no?

I know this sounds pathetic, but I honestly feel like I just met a a famous person and got turned down after wanting to ask for an autograph. I mean watching him at so many streamed tournaments (Evo, Devastion), you can appreciate how good he is. But darn did I want to play him once (but surely he gets that shit a lot)!

I know I can’t be that upset since I am sure he is getting in some good practice, but one match would have been great just to say I played one of the great ones. But oh well. I guess I can look up to to Momochi, Tokido, or JR now. BOOOO…Edma!

haha he did the same thing to me
joined his endless battle on accident using quick match, got excited cuz it was edma, and swiftly received the boot. Wtf Edma, if u dont want random people, make private slots!

nice, elitism at it’s best

Ed is actually a really cool person if you ever get to actually meet him, I know it may sound harsh but he prob gets people sending him random FR’s or joining his party wanting to play all the time and 95% its just not worth the time to beat up scrubs. I’m not saying that you are a scrub or pyro who I believe posted after you (your abel got way better) you just got to see it from the other persons perspective sometime. By the way what is Ed’s gt I think ill try and add him lol jk.

The GamerTag is :EdMastersB

And I understand that he doesn’t want to play with scrubs, but make the room private and give it private slots so you can play with people you want to without having to kick everyone you don’t know.

But it really is elitism and a slap in the face when we are the fans that cheer them on to victory in tournaments because we like how they play. I remember Edma getting his ass handed to him by John Choi at Devastation, and loved how Edma got his revenge at Evo and how I was cheering for him to win (I think it was the quarters). I even told him that, but no reply or at least a thanks. So subconsciously, I think I might enjoy just a little bit if he gets his ass beat in a future tournament, haha.

I am a huge tennis fan, and can remember how we were at a tournament down in Key Biscayne, and saw many great players there. There was even a chance to walk up and say hi. I of course went right to Andre Agassi and was nicely greeted, got a photo, autograph, and even got to hit a couple balls with him (I am a pro right now, but wasn’t at the time). And then just last year, I saw Juan Martin Del Potro (current US Open champion), and people got the same chance, but what did he do…blew them off because he thinks he is a bad ass and didn’t want to be bothered, especially after all those people cheered him on while beating the great Federer. And what happened to Del Potro…the tennis Gods and karma punished him, messed his leg up, and has now been out for over 6 months.

Karma, Edma…karma. I hope you don’t break your right hand, haha.

Just messing.

Seriously, I don’t have any sympathy for you at all.

Imagine if a really famous chess player played online, and people kept making friend requests and asking him for just one chess match. He’d have to spend his entire day beating noobs, never being able to better himself.

Edma doesn’t owe you anything. And by arguing that he should have played you, you are implicitly arguing that he should play a ton of other people. That won’t help Edma evolve as a player at all.

lol man I feel you on the topic–particularly about being booted from rooms when the host doesnt fucking bother to make private slots. I hate joining an Endless Battle in progress and having to wait in the que up room for 3+ min while the host + some other dude have their match. Guess what happens when the match is over? THE HOST FUCKING BOOTS ME. I just waited all this fucking time for a match and the host fucking kicks me for no reason. I could see if my ping was red or some shit, but I’m getting kicked with all greens. Come on now. Make some fucking private slots if you assholes don’t want randoms joining your room. There’s absolutely no reason to make host an open session if you’re just going to boot every random person who joins.

host being able to boot the winner is completely BS

Did you just make a whole thread to bitch about this???
what a fucking scrub…

So what does this have to do with Akuma strats…crying?
'09ers living up to them waterfalls son.

wait my bad i want to pretend i never posted here for fear of catching aids

lmao you guys are pathetic

I can symphatize, but this really has nothing to do with Akuma. I think you’re better off posting this on the general section.

I messaged Ed on the gootecks forums a year ago and he responded and played a few matches with me on XBL. I thanked him and told him that watching his Ken on YouTube was the initial reason I fell in love with Street Fighter. I asked him also if there was anything I could do differently or if he saw anything I could improve on. He said, “just practice”. So, he’s not inaccessible, or an asshole, he just wants to play street fighter and keep to himself it seems. He probably doesn’t like all the “Ed Ma” worship.

Eh, shit happens. I guess I’ve had a different experience since I’ve been fortunate to play with all the best players in HDR, but honestly don’t be surprised by this. The guy probably just wants to play by himself or with his friends, probably he forgot to make a private room. Remember that not all people like fame.

So I like Macaroni a little less now…

Love it as a food, great carbohydrate and fun to eat, but today I decided to cook some myself and it turned out bad. I am assuming it didn’t want to waste its flavour with me, but I did send it a message telling it I’d add more cheese next time, corny or not. It was playing with some Tagliatelle guy (maybe another delicious pasta), but if you don’t want to be eaten, make the packet harder to open, no?

I know this sounds pathetic, but I honestly feel like I just met a famous chef and got turned down after wanting to ask for a recipe. I mean watching it on so many streamed shows (Delia’s Kitchen, Gordon’s Kitchen Nightmares), you can appreciate how good it is. But darn did I want to taste it once (but surely it gets that shit a lot)!

I know I can’t be that upset since I am sure it is getting in some good practice, but one plate would have been great just to say I tasted one of the great ones. But oh well. I guess I can look up to to Penne, Spaghetti, or Conchiglie now. BOOOO…Macaroni!

Lol, calm down rage boy, the thread was light hearted thread, mostly satirical and just for simple conversation.

I never asked, or would care for you sympathy. You think I want you to cry for me since I didn’t get to play a match. Again, read the numerous jokes.

I never said he owed me anything, as I don’t know him. Simply said it would have been nice to play with him since he had an OPEN room. I am pretty sure he knows the system and how lobbies work, and it would take (maybe) .5 seconds before starting the open room to make it private.

I never said he should play me, or argued that he should have played me, as I completely understand why he wouldn’t want to. But the main point was that if you are going to have an open room, play the people that were waiting the whole time. And that goes for awesome players, or not. It’s simply courtesy.

Did you really take all the time to write that? Nice troll message though, I give you 10/10! Gratz!

stop making so many wasteful threads. no one cares who you like…you’re just polluting the akuma forums. its common knowledge ed doesn’t like to play cross-country.

As always, the forum trolls, which usually have no room to talk, decided to make comments. Let’s evaluate these, shall we?

Coming from the guy that decided to make new threads about “4/20” (Pot) day. Wanting to bring back add "“Its Mahvel Baby” to MvC. And wanting to revive join dates.

All equally as pointless threads, most of which we locked from their stupidity. Hence, don’t call the kettle back…scrub!

From a creator of many threads that have gotten locked from pointlessness as well.

You think an '02er would know better. At least I have the excuse of being a forum noob before doing something stupid. What’s your excuse?

Too late!

Pathetic for making a stupid thread? Hmmm…

This just great! I am still laughing…would almost consider this witty, but you probably took a while writing all this out.