So I just received my TE2+ yesterday

Plugged it into my ps4 while already being in training mode and my character just starts jumping for no reason. Plugged it out and back in same problem. Thought maybe the joystick was acting up so I disconnected it from the stick. Still jumping. It jumps in LS and DP mode but stops in RS. I made a video to show it. Has anyone else had a problem similar to this? Hope there is a way to fix this bullshit. I don’t wanna have to wait all over again for a new one smh.

Swap the micro switch PCB or the whole joystick with your other TE2 over there, if the problem is the same then it’s most likely the TE2’s PCB and you need to exchange or return it.
Also check the microswitches maybe somethings stuck in the up direction one.

He already said he disconnected the joystick, so why would he check the microswitches? Are you saying the joystick was still sending inputs while disconnected?

Something can be physically pushing on one of the switches?

yes. i disconnected the joystick from the stick. i even showed it in the video and it was still jumping. it has to be the pcb cause it jumps in LS and DS mode but not in RS.

i disconnected the stick at 0:16… i agree on it probably being a pcb issue. just annoyed now cause i now i gotta wait for another one and im selling my old stick so i have nothing to use smh.

You said that you unplugged the joystick. Just a question: did you try unplugging the other side of the cable too, assuming it is NOT soldered down? Where the cable attaches to the PCB, not on the joystick end, but on the other end?
Can you try that?

i dont quite follow what you are asking. you want me to disconnect the cables on the PCB itself? (the ones that send the information to the joystick)

Yes. that way you can see if maybe there is a ground short on one of the connectors (the molex pin/connector).
You can always plug it back in.

Seems the same thing happened to someone else yesterday as well TE2+ Issues

Most likely a bad inline resistor in the PCB. i fixed one like this 2 months ago D:

how annoying! I’d be so annoyed if this happened to me.

Fortunately, I didn’t have an issue like this on my TE2+

Hearing way too many TE2 horror stories. I’m most likely going with Hori for my next stick.

what did you do to fix? was it expensive? if its easy ill probably just do it myself

Why not get a refund and buy yourself a HRAP 4 Kai

i always buy madcatz sticks lol… sfxt VS will forever be my favorite stick of all so time. so far at least

It’s forever my favourite Mad Catz stick :slight_smile:

The VLX is my favourite

Keep in mind the TE sticks (and the special edition VS edition) were when madcatz still made great sticks. Their quality went down when the TE2 came out. I guess this is around the time that one longtime madcatz employee who also posted on SRK finally left the company…

The only real beef I had with the TE sticks was the USB cable being soldered or hotglued to the PCB instead of using a proper JST connector, and the JLF’s case side mounting bracket being welded to the casing instead of screwed in (even though the JLF’s own mounting plate screws into that piece anyhow).

(then again, Qanba used raised dimples for their version of mounting the JLF’s plate to the case, so whatever).

i think the rnd 1 TE sticks are still number 1.

clean, just action buttons on face plate, looks badass even in stock condition, plenty of palm space, easy to mod, hex screw top access, easily available plexis and art templates, and even panels with different layouts, like noir & mk

also forced hori to step up their game, and we got the hrap V series, the VLX and the FE, and also brought more competition in to the stick market like qanba/eightarc and omni, joytron etc

the VSHG deserves a mention also

someone know how to fix this? please! i have same problem on my TE2+ and SAV madcatz dosnt exist anymore :frowning: