So... How Serious is Street Harassment?

Obviously there’s some obvious instances of harassment in this video, but is it now serious enough where a passing, polite comment (no matter the intention) is now considered harassment?

So according to the title

598 minutes of nothing considered offensive.
1 minute at 56 seconds of a mix of people just being nice, and some people being creepy.
There was also the 4 minutes of that guy just walking next to her but that is debateable.

See, if you’re gonna go out of your way to describe it as “10 hours of walking around”, dont be an idiot and get lazy with the editing. If you want to actually make a point, show every single instance of that shit. Dont just cut it to less than 10% of the aforementioned time span and be like “Oh well you see a lot more than that happened.”. No you point out all of it. Dont leave it to the imagination.

Even then some of the shit in that video doesnt even count. I think she was walking through Time Square(?) and some guy on a guard rail just says “How’re you doing?”. Now you cant tell because of the timing of the jumpcut, but before she got near enough for him to say something, she mightve made eye contact with him before that. Most people in a decent area will greet you in some way or another when you pass each other after having made eye contact to stop it from being an awkward “I was just staring at your face lol” moment. I do that all the time regardless of gender and it was very common when I was working as a mail man. I’d walk past somebody, man or woman, and just say something along the lines of “Good morning”, “How’re you doing?”, “Hi”, or “Whats up?”

We can take it even further than that and breakdown that actual statements of these men that I dont find to be classified as “cat calling” as your current day Feminazi would have you believe.
0:15 "How’re you doing today?"
0:36 "How are you this morning?"
0:40 “Have a nice evening.” (I think this mightve actually been directed at someone else. That’s more of a goodbye gesture as opposed to a greeting or a “catcall”)
1:35 “What’s up miss?” ( this one could be described as an advance of some sort, but at least he was polite in some fashion)
1:37 "How you doing?"
1:39 “Have a nice evening darling.”

These are all just nice passing methods of address to her. Now you may say “Why did they only say it to her though?”. I dont know. I can say for damn sure they arent gonna pick up some chick walking past them just by saying good morning. If you want to get to them you gotta put in quite a bit more effort than that. So I dont believe any of those aforementioned guys are saying those statements with the hopes of getting in them jeans. They might want to for sure, but they arent trying to by those comments alone.

TL;DR This video proved absolutely nothing. As someone who is enraged by all this tumblr bullshit of “I am a woman and anything a man says to me regarding my appearance, positive or otherwise, is a fascist pig who should be neutered!!1one1!” I wouldve gladly sat through 10 hours of this woman walking through Manhattan(not in one sitting mind you) just to see if there is a viable argument anywhere in there. My condition though is that it couldnt have a jumpcut. It would need to be straight footage to make sure she isnt editing out the periods of time where nobody even says anything , or when someone actually says genuinely nice things.

5/10 OP you made me reply

If the woman feels harassed, it’s harassment. How are the offenders going to decide that this isn’t harassment? Lol fucking SRK.

The only time she was actually harassed was when those two men had followed her, but other than that some of the men in the video were just saying hello and being polite. Now, I understand what she’s trying to express here and that catcalling is among of the lines of harassment, but what she was trying to portray here didn’t feel very effective and just made her seem rude at some parts.

Thinking or feeling something that is not akin to reality (or intent) is not a abstract or even foreign concept. It is actually common and the root of many misunderstandings in human relations.

So I’m going to blow your mind and decide something that you apparently think is impossible:

This isn’t harassment.

That seems so nebulous to me Raz0r.

Say’s the dumb attention whore who met her boyfriend the exact same way. proving one again.

Attractive=Fuck me hard Brad Pitt

Unattractive= Creepy stalker rapist who’s abusing their privilege to oppress me.

White Knight elsewhere sire.

That’s the problem. Many of you feel entitled to say something to her. Why? What if she doesn’t want you to? She should just have to take it? And you might think “man, I only tried to compliment her.” But how often does she have to deal with that? You’re not entitled to a response, either. Just because you said something doesn’t mean you have the right to be acknowledged.

@Raz0r your posts are harassing me. I have decided that they are harassing me. All of them. You’re a threat to me and I’m in fear now.

@Mods, please ban him.

You may not have the ability to socialize in any situation, but it’s not entitlement. The fact that you are so mentally fucked up to group together that with actual harassment just shows how messed up our world is currently.

Plus i don’t care if they reply or not, and not replying is a pretty clear indication you’re not interested and i’ll move on.

At least there are a few rational people around.

That’s so shocking. I’m appalled. Don’t these people have standards? She’s barely even a 6-7!

Kidding aside, I would consider a lot of that harassment. Some were outright looking her up and down, saying “DAMN!”, asking for numbers, etc. Not all were harassment though. I saw one or two that could be just genuine people saying hello because they caught eyes or something. Even some of those “hey beautiful!” could be people trying to get her attention and sell her something. But the sheer amount of times the different people say that just shows how guys still objectify women. Why is her looks the first thing you have to say?

Whelp because most women foolishly don’t wear their interests where i may draw a commonality on their forehead as a tattoo.
If they do on a shirt and i commented on that, i’d still be accused of staring at their chest.

Plus be real man, when you see someone you find attractive physically, you don’t immediately notice their shoes or great bracelet.

Wait, wait, wait…
So you are telling me that you are ok with hate groups pitting their venom and ignorance, people having the right to mock a retard kid, but aproaching a woman that you find attractive to try to make some conversation is a big no?

Nice to know.

Because that’s the first thing they notice?

It’s one of our glorious amendments. Free speech. I can say whatever I want, to whomever I please, whenever I see fit. As can anybody else in this country. If she doesnt want somebody to say something to her? Too fucking bad. Kill yourself and yell at George Washington and everyone else who wrote the constitution in the afterlife. Curse them before you go to sleep at night, whatever makes you feel better about it. She doesnt get to dictate what a man says to her, the same way a man cant dictate her response.

I could tell a women that her hair looks nice today, and she cant stop me from doing so.
She could tell me to cut my dick off with a rusty hacksaw in response, and I cant stop her from doing so.

More importantly, drop the generalizations. Generalizations and assumptions make the brightest of minds appear dim. “Many of you”? Go fuck yourself. I could easily tap into my Puerto Rican half and walk through town going “Ayy mami, here’s my number give me a call later! I wanna feel that fine ass!” while dressing like a god damn cholo, but I dont do it because I dont find it appropriate. I find it inappropriate for reasons of my own, that cannot be taught or enforced on another person. This whole thing is bleeding over into the realm of controlling others thoughts and actions. Something that is far nastier than a woman with big tits feeling offended at passing comments on the street.

None of those has a right to harass. A hate group can say whatever it wants, but if it comes to me and wants to tie me to the end of pickup well then that’s harassment.

Saying something unpopular is not harassment.

I doubt anyone would sit throught he 10 hrs. but this is some hard editing, and again aside from the shit like “DAMN” and the dudes following her. There is literally nothing wrong with “good morning”, rather the dude is being polite or using it as a way to strike up a convo. If any of you guys are out and say hi, good evening or etc to random while you’re out some may ignore, some may respond. It’s not harrassment.

These bs feminists don’t wanna be approached in the street because it’s harrassment, but also don’t wanna meet no niggas at clubs/parties which are social gatherings. And then because they say 'don’t talk to me" when niggas leave em alone, they get on social media wishing they weren’t single. Fuck em and the whole entire feminism Victimism Movement

I wonder how any if you get laid sometimes.

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