So, how much does a regular Evo Weekend cost at a hotel like the Rio?

That’s with the coupon code and everything. How much was your hotel by itself, and then split up into however many people you had with you.

Thanks, Stumblebee.

Let me think:

Flight to and back, transportation to and from airport, and hotel from thurs night tell monday afternoon was almost exactly 1000 bucks (like 998.something). (Thats flight for 2 people incase your wondering).

The food is what your going to have to be careful on. You likely will be spending 10 to 15 dollars a meal for yourself, make that more so depending on how tired you are of eating whatever cheap options you can find.

Getting a buffet day pass is 45 clams, but that’s 24 hours straight of food. I heard it is cheaper if you can get a local nevadian to buy with you?

I never went with buffet cause I usually got away cheaper, but then again, near the end I wasn’t careing about food and was crazed hype. Also, I usually live with a strict diet, but told myself not to care when I got to Vegas for maximum fun. All I ate today was pizza, cheeseburgers, candy bars. Incase your wondering I was on the toilet shitting logs. I also spent like 20 bucks. So…yah.

So don’t forget that.

Ofcourse, this was just me and my girlfriend. Because we are pretty serious, basically the money was from the same place (its not like we ‘split’ bills or anything, we just spend what we got. Poor college students and what not).

I say this because notice that a lot of people have way more then 1 spending body in a hotel room. I know some people had something like 10 people splitting the bill on 2 rooms. Then they turned one room into a sleep room and the other into a game room. Obviously the prices will be way way lower splitting it that much.

Not to mention buying food in bulk makes things cheaper. Its cheaper to buy enough pizzas to feed a dozen people then it is to feed a few people the same amount (pizza by the slice is 4 bucks, a whole pizza is like 9, but 6 times as much food).

So all these things should be taken account of.

Also, we were staying in the rio, so we didn’t rent a vehicle. If you stayed at a cheaper hotel and just drove a rental, prices would be different.

Also, we reserved our stuff late so prices were higher then they needed to be. If you plan months in advanced, a lot cheaper.

Go to the Rio’s site and find out for yourself. The earlier you make your reservations (plane/hotel) the cheaper.

Haha, yeah. I can’t make a reservation a year in advance unfortunately. I tried. :smiley:

Even though we don’t know where Evo will be next year.