So Fighting Game Allows Me to Adapt Bruce Lee's Philosophy Best

Bruce Lee, the Dragon himself, had a very progressive philosophy that primarily preached “no style as style”. It also lead the way for what would be the MMA method. (Ironically, Lee would be honored with several VG characters that had very specific styles)

Even though he stressed no style, he still had guiding stables that were applicable fighting (and life in general). But I was wondering if there was game that gave most opportunity to exercise his ideals. Now I know most games can’t completely adapt his philosophy due to them being populated with characters that can never learn new things (their move lists are constant) and are essentially stuck in a style (which Lee would detest in real life), but I wondering about his other focal points for Jeet Kun Do.

Or perhaps some characters do apply it better than others. Tekken’s Marshal Law incorporates parries and quick decisive hits for instance. And while I wasn’t a fan of recent Virtua Fighters, the fighting does seem to have a naturalistic flow to it (now that Tekken 6 showed me the extreme end of 3D fighters anyway).

Didn’t Sun Tsu write about being “formless”?

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In regards to one on one combat? Don’t think so.

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lol we might as well start talking about what fighting games derive from internal style vs. external style or how to make my chi flow best.

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This is hilarious considering SRK’s knack for ‘theory discussion’. I suppose I gave this place far too much credit in this one instance.

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honestly i re-read your OP and the only thing i can even remotely think of that would apply to your question(if there was one) is : fei long

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Morons. Didn’t even get that I was glorifying games and appreciating how you can approach them. Instead you pull a ‘hero worship’ strawman and call it a day. And in a site where 90% of the members are lemmings essentially trying to sound like they know what they’re talking about, I’m entertained at the projection.

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“Fighting Game Discussion”

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By playing Street Fighter for years, I have learned to focus my energy and can now throw a fireball in real life. I have used small fraction of my power to test it on a friend and he says he definitely felt an impact when I did it.

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well the answer is ryu so close thread!

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Anyways, SF3: 3S has a very fluid style to it. The whole expand/contract notion is exemplified by parries, which allow you to take advantage of your opponents aggression and hurt them with it. When you watch high level fights, there is like one continuous flow of close range attacks and counter attacks.

so are you saying bruce lee could parry???

Ryu in SF4 has a good portion of the qualities about being formless. he can do keep away, footsies, zone, rush down; he can do it all and turn on a dime macross style.

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