So EVO's done... are DLC chars now unbanned?

So watched MK for EVO yesterday and I gotta say I was impressed. I think I’m gonna start playin this game more. But my question now is the topic title which the commentators briefly spoke about on stream. Pretty sure Tom Brady said after EVO the DLC characters should be playable at tournaments. It was just for EVO that there was not enough time for people to get used to those matchups.

So yes or no on this? I’m pretty sure alot of people would like to see people play Kenshi and Rain on streams and Freddy Krueger (lol) when he’s released.

yeah and I hope more people give the game a shot like yourself as for DLC’s yeah there playable at tournaments

Yes, they are now allowed. I think JediRobb on the EVO MK stream even said that for Devastation that the DLC characters were gonna be allowed for tournament play, so I’d imagine other tournaments would allow them too.

Be interesting to see how much Skarlet gets represented at tournaments from now on. From what I’ve read, Tom Brady and others have suggested she is probably A-S tier.

At the hands of a knowledgeable player, Skarlet can definitely be A-S. But I’d imagine that NRS is gonna balance her out so that she’ll fall in line with some of the other characters.

They should definitely be playable. Other games with DLC characters don’t ban them so MK should be no different

Still hoping X-box gets a re-skinned Kratos named Gladiator who just has all his moves. then we could see Kratos at tourneys lol

Even if Kratos was legal, no one would use him because he is garbage in MK9.

Devastation is in October. Of course they would be ok by then.

Summer Jam is on August 27th & 28th. Skarlet, Kenshi & Rain are 100%. But only being about 2 1/2 weeks after Freddy, I advise Freddy skips SJ. but we’ll see.

Certainly no excuse for a tourney not include all 4 DLC characters anytime after about the 1st week of September.

Why is Kratos garbage? He can do a free combo after a parry. He can be damaging.

sure high damage, but his normals are super super slow, defense is weak, popping your opponents guard is harder…you HAVE to get in first, otherwise you dont have a chance unless your playing someone who doesnt know how to play the game. His parry is retarded good, but you cant rely on it.

DLC is legal for Sin City Heat next weekend.

Pretty sure Kenshi and Rain are just as godlike with their ridiculous options, especially Rain’s combo damage alone.

I’m impressed with all the DLC characters. I can see all of them being at least B tier. I was even more surprised by the fact that Freddy is surprisingly good. Very versatile. :open_mouth:

DLC characters should be un-banned, they’ve been out long enough besides Freddy.

So basically the only banned characters are Freddy and Kratos?

Kratos is always banned. its up to TO’s to determine if they want Freddy this soon, and will some of his damage scaling issues. First large tourney for this is Summer Jam in Philly on August 27th & 28th.

Why is Kratos always banned? He’s terrible.

He is a console-exclusive character. He will always be banned for that.

I can’t wait to see how Kenshi is represented. I’m finally able to main him with some success.

Unfamiliarity is the name of the game. I doubt Freddy will be allowed as of yet but every other DLC character has been around for a month or so.

I’m still surprised more people aren’t familiar with Skarlet yet. She’s been around for like 2 months.