So...... do you have 3s Team Mate?

So I decided to make this thread cause I know there’s lots of us who dont really have anyody to team with for 3s.
This can be a place for to get organized s,end PMs and stuff.
I personally dont have a team mate yet, and lots of players from Texas already have team mates (If I could choose Id team up with Fubarduck :rofl:) so Im open for suggestions.

I suggest that if possible, each player should post a video of him playin.
Is not necessary, just an idea
I think it wouldbe helpful

Ill start, here’s a recent video of mine from this tournament

Yeah I loose, but nobody records matches where I win :rofl:


BTW, post if you’re looking for a certain char to team up with.

Lets say you play Yun, and you want to have a Twins team (team up with a Yang Player)
you’re free to post that too.

if you want them to post a vid, i think it would be much more better if you posted a latest video. not a “old” video and stuff.

Yeah my bad, I was worried bout the quality of the video, but I’ll post something recent

I edited it already

No fucking way will anyone accept me as a teammate =/
Oh yeah…

Dont know much yet. But may post back in here if I truly need a partner.


maybe we could team and continue to be scrubs!!!

If you cant find someone good, James, I will be your partner.

am really bad chun li player willing 2 be on ur teem.

I already got mine I think.

be my partner!

You got it

Our Team should be called “We WILL juggle you” :rofl:

my team will be my signature’s last line.

lol. nice
can we do double yun?

Yeah I didn’t even think about that. Hopefully they’ll allow 2 of the same character.

lmao. shiiieeeetttt, better get wiz on the phone!

from the “concerning 3s teams thread”…now closed
Evo isnt SBO, lets remember that. We want people to be able to find a team, without struggling. Almost always in 3on3 the scrubs go first in the team (or they dont get to play), wasting peoples time since the anchor is just going to win them anyway.

In 2on2 chances are they will have to step up more than once to win it for their team, and thats what we thrive for, the competition factor.

I think considering the above statement, we should be allowed to have double chars.

The rules have been posted. Read them.

ya so, I could play Akuma?..thoughts?

I didn’t even know the Evo website had rules up already. I only browse the forums these days and since I have premium the only advertisement I see is the Evo 2k8 DVD’s. Which has been advertised to death and are now publically available on YouTube.

Any ways I’m just gonna start reading again. I read the rules will be coming for next month. There I read.

i need a team mate also! i play ken and chun because i can’t win a round without tier whoring.

When did evo 2k8 end up on youtube? I buy the DVDs each year and thought they did everything within their power to keep 2k8 finals off youtube so you had no choice but to buy the dvds.