So close to finishing my homemade stick, now I need to decide on the artwork

I did the pad hack of a Madcatz 4716 (thank you very much for the threads about dealing with the triggers) and my friend is doing the woodwork. I decided to go with Happ stick and buttons because I like the way they feel. The top of the box is exactly 8.5x11 inches so I can print the artwork from any printer.

I don’t know if I want to make the artwork badass or funny. So far, my only good idea is Dudley sipping on a cup of tea with the words “Keep it classy” across the bottom. On second thought, I want something more creative than anything. Where is a good place to get ideas for artwork (I have gone through the “Check out my new stick” thread)?

Also, is there anything about printing artwork that I need to know about? For example, what kind of sticker paper to use or what to put over the sticker paper to protect it.

Well whats the measurments of your plexi on your homemade stick, and people normally get their art printed at kinkos

This is probably the part where I discover that I have screwed up big time. The original plan was to skip the plexi and put a sticker on some finished wood (1 inch thick). After that, we were going to cut the holes for the stick and buttons. It will be more difficult since we are not following the traditional japanese or american layout.

Plexi does make more sense. My friend suggested a think sheet of plastic to protect the artwork but I don’t know what would do the job.

You might also consider Art’s plexi since you can use the “Panel Builder” and make your own layout and have it custom cut. I’ve got a standard layout that he did for me already and its awesome.

good luck!