So apparently there is a KOF movie

It’s on netflix. How I never heard about this?

Here’s an excerpt from wikipedia: “The King of Fighters is a tournament held in an alternate dimension. When contestants are issued challenges, they enter the tournament via a special[COLOR=#0645ad]bluetooth headset”[/COLOR]

This really needed a new thread? Everybody knows.

Don’t watch it.

I watched it. well 60% at least, the most I could handle.

It actually started out ok. The main character is pretty hot and there is a fight scene from the get go. It looks like she actually does moves from the game which is a step more than most fighting game movies take. After the initial fight is done the characters start talking and they try to introduce a plot… thats where things go down hill quickly.

I really wanted to see andy bogard but he was nowhere to be seen. Terry is apparently a clean cut middle age CIA agent.

It seems like there was a decent amount of money spent on this movie its just too bad they didn’t spend any of it on decent writers.

Oh yeah there is almost a lesbian scene in there but no skin is shown and ends before it starts

Best part of the movie right here -

Mai is the lightning wielding agent girlfriend of a overall quite nice guy Iori.
Terry is a CIA agent, Kyo is your usual ignorant-of-everything-going-on action flick hero who never uses his flames,
Rugal is a huge psychotic manchild who actually uses flames and Orochi is a small floating ball of snakes.
Oh, and there is this tournament dimension too.

Like Chun-Li in her own live action movie, Kyo is Asian as a kid, but white as a young adult. :lol:

Valaris pretty much nailed all of it in his review last year.

:rofl: Loved that review!

It’s just as bad as street fighter movie

No. SF movie was baller! It’s actually “So bad it’s good.” The KOF movie was just bad.

Edit - Unless your talking about SF:Legend of Chun-Li… Then yes, yes it is… sort of.