So, apparently the Skullgirls community only cares about offline modes


As an Xbox player, I feel offended. :stuck_out_tongue:
Note to all urban americans: most of the world has crap internet.

If there were more people online, I would play online. It’s kind of a cyclical problem.

Note that there wasn’t an “I don’t have skullgirls” option. I’ve been waiting for PC version for over a year now, and the only time I’ve played the game was on my friend’s xbox was in single player, since of course I wasn’t any good at it. Considering how much a PC version has been requested/demanded, a lot of indiegogo donors may not be able to play the game either.

what am i supposed to be looking at?

Well when you think about it, between PS3 and Xbox, there are more Xbox’s in the US. More than half of the contributors were from the US. So one could assume the majority of SG players are on xbox because there arent that many SG players that didnt donate at least even $1, and only those who donated got to answer those questions.

With the absence of the patch on xbox, and the borderline death of it’s online community for xbox resulting from that lack of a patch, seeing that most players play by themselves isnt really surprising. Though I am almost certain that had Microsoft not bent us over a fucking barrel and told us to pucker up and deal with it, the percentage of people who play offline would have been much lower.

What about all the people that donated and are waiting for the PC version? I can’t play online, because I don’t have the game yet!
Well, at least that’s what my vote showed.

People actually mad that offline is the prefered option?
What alternate dimension SRK have I stumbled upon?

I think the bigger concerns here are how many (who responsed) play SG for it’s single player, dont plan on going to tournaments, and (worse still) base their decisions on looks rather than gameplay (gameplay beat looks out by a 4% margin but still)…

I posted this because I wanted to show people that a lot of people play fighting games for their story/single player/ offline content, not just their multiplayer.

Also, design and aesthetic’s are important.

I picked Single Player cus I mostly sit in training mode and that was the most accurate choice there :~

#1 45% Gameplay votes is a joke. That’s one digit off minimum.
#2 The biggest part of ANY playerbase are casuals (… that’s in the nature of things; if you sorta play 10 games, you can only take ~2 of them serious so you’re casual in 8)
#3 Looks won’t change, gameplay is rather… hard to tell honestly, especially if you haven’t played every character in all obscure fighters of the last 20 years.
If you look at any “How did you choose your current main” thread ever, most people answer “I liked how he/she looked, so I picked her up and then liked her”.
It’s really not unusual.

If you didn’t mean to sound like you’re complaining, you totally need to re-word the thread’s title :smiley:

This. Especially the bold.


If that was your intended goal, than this thread’s implied meaning is totally off. It seriously sounded like you were mad that people prefer offline play (which is opposite to a wider accepted view within this community) and as someone who voted offline I had to come in and understand your salt. So my bad if I misunderstood your thread :smiley:

Also yes looks do matter but what about in the case of Rufus? He’s a popular character (not the most popular) but he is fug as fug can get, yet his gameplay holds up (good rushdown game, fun style of fighting, etc). So looks do account for something but gameplay trumps in the end.


Thats fine, I also spend most of my time sittin in the lab working combos and such, but i’m doing so to compete with others in a multiplayer environment. Are you just labbing to lab? Or are you using your labtime to become more competitive? Single player usually encompasses arcade/story mode imo, so my bad again :smiley:

I do agree on the casual note as well and SG was made for the FGC at large however it is at its core built for the tournament players. I am ecstatic that SG gandered this incredible amount of support but I find the lack of interest in competing very disheartening. Will SG ever have the draw of the AAA fighters? Probably not (unless they get picked up by a big name publisher) without the “paper” and with that, the community will be slow to grow in both players and technology or in a worst case become stagnant/incestual and go nowhere…

At the end of the day this is all speculation (game is only a year old, so really early predictions) and hopefully will change and I think we can all agree we just want to see SG grow as a brand and a community right?

When will the FGC come to grips that the vast majority of players/buyers buy the game for story mode and single player? When will people understand that the vast majority can’t begin to follow the elitist and jargon laden articles we read?

was that in response to the post above yours? If so I think there is a misunderstanding but, I apologize in advance if you were responding to something else.

Everybody knows that most people who buy fighters don’t want to compete. Otherwise we would 1 million plus entrants for major Sf4 tourneys. The reason people on SRK (and other forums like it) are always talking about things like getting greater turnout at SG events, is because SRK has always been about discussing competitive play. That has nothing to do with elitism and everything to do with talking to people who share your interests

I would love for there to more people at events and playing online. I don’t care at all about getting more people playing this game by themselves.

And yet ppl will generally judge a game by it’s offline content. Competitive play is good and all but to me, a video game is a lot like a book.


Oy. A few people said it already but the results of some of these poll questions are incredibly inaccurate (lack validity). I personally do not own Skullgirls since I don’t have a PS3 or a 360. But as a backer, I will be getting a Steam code so I will play it in the future. Unfortunately, the data doesn’t take people like me into account.

When it asked me how I play Skullgirls most often, I said “singleplayer”. Y’know, cuz that’s normally where most people start with a game they aren’t familiar with. I’ll definitely give “online” a shot later. Hopefully, I can manage on keyboard without getting wrecked. (Yeah, who am I kidding?)

How often do I play Skullgirls online? Well, you can understand why I put “never”. I think if there was an option for “I don’t own the game”, we’d see that percentage shoot down to 2%. Really, how many people do you think have NEVER given it a chance?

I think some people are really underestimating how many people backed this game without ever playing it before so I’m really hoping that they send out another poll for the next round of voting.

Yeah I don’t really care about the online mode that much, I think it’s important for those who do (I.E. most people who play fighting games.), but I have always stuck with single player arcade, and story mode it just isn’t fun constantly getting my butt handed to me in online games ESPECIALLY fighting games, and when a game isn’t fun to me then it isn’t worth playing, so I tend to shy away from multiplayer only games where it’s one on one with another person, especially if there is a win/loss counter for everybody to see your failures then it’s even less fun because I have to force myself to do as good as possible, and any fun quickly gives way to anger and stress, so for me it’s single player all the way.

I do like watching other people fight, but the online mode just isn’t for me, but like I mentioned before I think it is important for almost everyone else.

I see I agree with you on some
Of what you are saying about fighting games losing their lustor because you are getting your ass kicked all the time, but I also see getting my ass kicked as constructive critisizism, in a smack in your face kinda way, but I don’t mind losing when I’m learning and I’m not getting told I suck like some fighting games I’ve played. I find the single player content as more of practice mode for multiplayer. I guess it’s how you look at everything right.